MWC Talk: Build Mobile Ecosystems,Design Great Products and Integrate Consumer Lifestyles

February 29, 2012 No Comments

BARCELONA — Transforming the mobile experience.

That’s what many of the Mobile World Congress keynotes are honing in this year. And, the panel discussion on Wednesday (Feb. 29th) took the topic in the direction of how rapidly changing market dynamics are influencing the entire ecosystem, hardware design, software and app integration and the end-user integrated lifestyle.

Restating Nokia’s 2011 MWC message about becoming a viable third player in what has been clearly become an Apple-Android race, chief executive officer and president Stephen Elop said the company’s partnership with Microsoft and the recent arrival of Windows-based mobile phones in market now offer a real, alternative platform.

“One year ago, we shared our vision. We recognized that the industry had shifted. It has become a battle of ecosystems, and ecosystems will transform the mobile experience,” Elop said. “Nokia is bringing a unique point of view to the mobile industry.”

The company, which has been struggling financially these last several quarters as it’s tried to bring back the shine it once had as a market leader, is banking on its Lumia line to help re-establish credibility. The Lumia 610, a Windows phone aimed at hyper-social young people, was unveiled this week at the Barcelona industry event, and comes on the heels of the Lumia 900, which came out last month in U.S.


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