Nutshell Launches New CRM at Future of Web Design in New York City

November 16, 2010 No Comments
Nutshell CRM launched to a crowd of 500 plus gathered in New York City for the Future of Web Design conference today. A refreshing new approach to sales software, Nutshell is set to shake up the industry.

“Most existing CRMs were created before the era of Wikipedia, Twitter, and smartphone adoption,” says CEO Guy Suter. “That gives us an advantage. We utilize the latest technologies to provide an unsurpassed user experience.”

Nutshell provides powerful sales process management tools, powered by an incredibly simple custom process builder. Sales managers can create their own processes using milestones and steps. These processes are automatically assigned to various types of leads based on the company’s unique criteria.

Designed for businesses with hundreds to thousands of users, Nutshell offers a radical new pricing structure of $25 per active user monthly. Anyone using less than 30 minutes of Nutshell in a month, is considered nonactive and not billed. This consumption billing approach eliminates tendencies to control costs for groups of light users by creating inconvenient shared usernames. Nutshell is primarily a cloud-based software platform, though the Nutshell Appliance is available for on-location setup as well.

“Nutshell delivers enterprise-level features with an ease-of-use not typically found in business web applications,” says Suter. Nutshell understands the importance mobile platforms will play in the future of software. “Mobile is in our DNA. We believe in designing to be cross-platform from day one.” Nutshell CRM is launching with a native iPhone App available now and has plans for additional mobile platforms to come.

Starting now, Nutshell CRM is available on an instant 30-day free trial from with an easy, no credit card required, less-than-30-second signup.

About Nutshell
Nutshell, founded in 2009, builds modern software around the needs of mid-market to large companies with an emphasis on delivering a positive user experience, powerful process management and handy mobile integration. Nutshell is a U.S. based company working out of Ann Arbor, Michigan and London, England. The Nutshell CRM was officially launched on November 15, 2010 at the Future of Web Design conference in New York City.

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