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Driving Better Outcomes through Workforce Analytics Webcast

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Nuxeo Upgrades Its Open Source OSGi-Based Content Management Infrastructure

November 9, 2010 No Comments

SOURCE:  Nuxeo

Nuxeo, the Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) company, announces the latest release of Nuxeo Enterprise Platform, now with native support for JBoss AS 5.1, as well as JBoss EAP 5.0.1. The new 5.4 version of Nuxeo Enterprise Platform (Nuxeo EP) and Nuxeo Document Management (Nuxeo DM) also features support for Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS and OpenJDK, advanced query and navigation mechanisms, and the new Admin Center (to install and manage new components easily), which is directly connected to Nuxeo Marketplace — the first app store available for the ECM market.

Support for JBoss AS 5.1 and JBoss EAP 5.0.1 means that Red Hat customers using JBoss EAP 5 can deploy the Nuxeo platform and have a fully open source and fully supported ECM stack on which to build content- and case-management applications. This release offers rich new features for developers, with the upgrade of the main components, such as Seam, jBPM, and Hibernate.

The new version of the Nuxeo EP also reinforces a commitment to open standards by offering a server based on Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS. This server provides native support of queries with CMISQL (including JOINs), and supports REST and SOAP bindings. Additionally, Nuxeo DM and EP 5.4 provide support for OpenJDK, an open source Java Development Kit, opening up further possibilities for developers and architects to build and embed content management applications.

Because search and navigation are core components of a successful content management application, Nuxeo EP and Nuxeo DM 5.4 offer several new features to support this requirement. The Content View feature gives users control of the visualization of searches and listings. Faceted Navigation provides a dynamic filtering mechanism, allowing for browsing within categories instead of only through navigation trees. Smart Search, available as a Nuxeo Marketplace package, creates dynamic queries based on search request fields. These three new features enable advanced configuration possibilities, allowing specific search and navigation techniques to be attached to a business use case, such as flexible search and sort options for different content types (e.g. images vs. accounts payable invoices).

Highlights of Nuxeo EP and Nuxeo DM 5.4 include:

  • Nuxeo Marketplace: A complete solution catalog offering a range of free and paid plug-ins, templates and applications, opening the door to contributions from the Nuxeo developer community and Nuxeo Galaxy App Builder partners.
  • Nuxeo Admin Center: A personalized download and real-time patch notification dashboard for Nuxeo Connect subscribers, offering 1-click live integration of Marketplace packages, Nuxeo Studio projects, patches, and upgrades.
  • Content Views: A new service to manage, configure, and sort content listings, including documents, search results, and log entries.
  • Faceted Navigation: An advanced navigation mechanism that enables repository browsing with dynamic filtering on multiple facets (metadata). Navigation facets are fully configurable, and can be defined independently for a given document type.
  • Document Routing Service: Enables user-designed flows of documents and selection of stages (human or automated) among a shared library of steps.
  • Performance Optimizations: Nuxeo EP continues to be the fastest ECM platform in the industry on commodity hardware; stress tests indicate that it scales almost linearly when clustered.
  • New Nuxeo Studio Features: Content Views configuration; 1-click update of integration of projects in a live Nuxeo application with Nuxeo Admin Center.
  • CMIS 1.0 Support: Nuxeo EP includes the newly released Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS.
  • JBoss 5.1, JBoss EAP & OpenJDK support.

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