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Driving Better Outcomes through Workforce Analytics Webcast

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OpDemand Announces General Availability of Cloud Infrastructure Management Platform

April 10, 2012 No Comments

SOURCE:  OpDemand

Introduces pay-as-you-go pricing model and new features inspired by Beta users

Boulder, CO April 10, 2012OpDemand, provider of innovative solutions for agile IT operations, today announced the general availability of its cloud infrastructure management platform. OpDemand’s unique approach to cloud management allows software development teams to leverage raw cloud infrastructure without being overwhelmed by technical complexity.  OpDemand enables organizations to retain control over their underlying infrastructure, while providing an end-to-end solution for DevOps and agile IT operations.

“The latest innovations in the OpDemand platform are the result of a continuous cycle of user feedback and product enhancements during our successful Beta program,” said Joshua Schnell, CEO of OpDemand. “With this release, OpDemand introduces a number of user-inspired features including GitHub integration, Puppet-powered infrastructure blueprints and support for a wide range of Amazon Web Services components, including Elastic Load Balancers, Auto Scaling Groups and RDS instances.”

OpDemand provides a management layer atop Amazon Web Services that allows users to deploy and manage cloud infrastructure using a simple and intuitive web interface. OpDemand’s open-source infrastructure blueprints provide popular cloud stacks that can be managed using five powerful controls: start, stop, deploy, clone and destroy. OpDemand’s transparent approach to automation allows users to retain complete control over their application architecture and hosting provider relationships, eliminating vendor lock-in.

“Today’s software development teams need to deploy applications quickly and push updates continuously. OpDemand’s orchestration technology provides true end-to-end automation across complex cloud environments, streamlining the release cycle and making DevOps a reality,” said Gabriel Monroy, CTO of OpDemand. “Deploying updates to a database-backed, auto-scaling cluster is now as simple as deploying to a single-node web app. Simply push your code to GitHub and click Deploy.”

While OpDemand can be used without a GitHub account, the OpDemand experience is optimized for GitHub users, the largest code hosting service in the world. GitHub users benefit from one-click signup and login, automatic repository selection, secure deploy-key installation and a simple forking interface. OpDemand allows GitHub users to host their services and applications on Amazon’s cloud with just a few clicks.

“OpDemand’s GitHub integration eliminates the frustration of finding the correct repository URL and generating and installing secure deploy keys,” said Samuel Breed, Principal at Quick Left. “OpDemand’s configuration workflow saves me a tremendous amount of time when I need to deploy and manage infrastructure in the cloud. OpDemand is the perfect tool for GitHub users looking to leverage AWS.”

OpDemand features a pay-as-you-go pricing model based on “platforms” – groups of infrastructure that provide a discrete service or application. OpDemand’s free tier enables users to run one platform at a time in perpetuity. Each additional platform costs $0.10 per hour.

Software developers, operations engineers and system administrators are encouraged to create a free OpDemand account, which provides access to the OpDemand web console, command-line utilities, REST API and library of infrastructure blueprints. OpDemand’s library currently contains blueprints for a variety of popular cloud-based frameworks, including LAMP, Ruby on Rails, Django and Node.js.

About OpDemand

OpDemand is a next-generation platform for agile cloud infrastructure management. OpDemand provides software development teams a powerful tool for managing services and applications that run on Infrastructure-as-a-Service. OpDemand’s proprietary orchestration technology automates the deployment and management of raw cloud computing infrastructure using open-source blueprints. OpDemand features a best in-class user experience, true on-demand capabilities and complete control over underlying infrastructure. For more information, please visit

For further information, contact:

OpDemand                                                                             PAN Communications
Joshua Schnell                                                                       Sarah Bruckner

303-415-2090                                                                          617-502-4300


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