Open Virtualization Alliance Formed

May 18, 2011 No Comments

A consortium of tech companies announced the formation of the Open Virtualization Alliance Tuesday to foster the adoption of open virtualization technologies, including Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM).  Founding companies include HP (HPQ), IBM, Intel (INTC), BMC Software (BMC), Red Hat (RHT), Eucalyptus Systems and SUSE.

Complementing Open Source

The aim of the alliance will be to provide education, best practices and technical advice to businesses, while complementing open source communities that are managing the development of the KVM hypervisor and associated management capabilities.  They will also encourage interoperability and accelerate the expansion of the ecosystem of third party solutions around KVM.  Around since 2007 KVM virtualization uses support built into Intel and AMD processors to enable a robust, efficient environment for hosting Linux and Windows virtual machines.

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