Pastas Gallo increased Sales by 18% by Automating the Process of New Products Launching With Polymita

February 11, 2012 No Comments

SOURCE:  Polymita

They improve their time to market by 38% and recover the technology investment in 3 months and a half. Pastas Gallo, leader in the Spanish food products industry, has relied on the Polymita BPM platform to improve and automate its process of creating and launching new products, achieving a 38% increase in productivity through the time to market.

According to Jose Maria Segura, CIO of Pastas Gallo, “We have estimated that we will increase sales of new products by 18% through automation of the process done with Polymita” and follows “This allows us to recover the investment made with Polymita in only 3 and a half months.”

In addition they have optimized the use and coordination of internal resources, increasing the flexibility and speed of managing the whole process and its quality, and have facilitated the coordination of different departments, from the marketing idea, market research, pricing, design, packaging and even the production order. Each year,

Gallo launches 200 new references. Automating the process facilitates interdepartmental communication and internal coordination, as well as the possibility of implementing process improvements on a weekly basis.

With the implementation of Polymita BPM and the establishment of control mechanisms, monitoring and business process traceability, Gallo has reduced errors and downtime by 20%. Due to improved productivity, the automated process provides 113 days of additional sales for new products.

Automating the management process of new products launching with Polymita BPM has enabled Gallo to provide their white label customers, adjusted plans over time. This temporary improvement resulted in increased customer satisfaction and increased revenue for Gallo.

Thanks to the BPM project Gallo has experienced a noticeable culture shift throughout the organization, resulting in a greater focus on the importance and benefits of the orientation and continuous improvement philosophy of processes.

Polymita, a worldwide leader in software solutions and Business Process Management (BPM) has been selected for its extensive experience in business process solutions in large national and international organizations, contrasted by leading market analysts.

Pastas Gallo has a presence in over 30 countries with more than 100,000 points of sale and distribution and a turnover of 300 Million Dollars.


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