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Powerful Instagram Marketing Secrets that can Benefit Your Business

January 22, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Jack Dubois, Independent Technology Author

Instagram2 300x200 Powerful Instagram Marketing Secrets that can Benefit Your Business

Where other Social Media platforms have become wastelands for happy spam bots and recycled memes, Instagram is still an excellent platform for the content creators. It is more than just an audio video sharing network.

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the rapidly growing Social Media platforms with more than 25 million active business profiles. It provides the businesses an opportunity to reveal insights into the core of their identity visually and engagingly. Making an Instagram account is easy but growing it to a successful level takes a bit longer. The businesses need creativity and engagement to buy real Instagram followers or gain through organic way.

Instagram marketing secrets you want to know:

The grown number of active users on Instagram makes it a behemoth of Social Media. Many successful content creators on the platform make it difficult for people like you and me to stand out amongst an ostensibly endless sea of content. Is that mean, there is no way to stay ahead of the curve?

Of course not, by knowing the Instagram marketing secrets and coming up with winning strategies you can build an engaged following. Also, you can get brand recognition in no time. You never know! Put your best foot forward and drive sales along the way.

Here are the secrets every business no matter how large it is must know:

- Use of powerful editing apps:

Let’s be honest. It is no secret that people on Social Media use editing tools. To make their posts look better editing tools are a must to use. Well, there is nothing in that as there are tons of editing apps that have changed the way of using Instagram.

- Post behind the scene content:

One of the ways to fill the gap in your Instagram content queue is to post behind the scene content. You are not uploading content all the time and in between your followers may get bored. So, the best solution is to keep them engaged by posting the stories about what happens behind the scene. Showcase your company culture or employees and tell people how you guys work hard to provide users what they look for.

- Use a monetization tool:

The age we are living in is all about the e-commerce businesses. It is quite surprising to see how many people are not getting benefited from monetization platforms. Use a monetization tool and make it easy for your Instagram followers to find the products you are promoting on your feed.

- Choose an Instagram aesthetic:

A general brand aesthetic on your Insta account will play a significant role in attracting the right audience. For example, fitness and health-related account might have beautiful pictures of clients while working out.

- Be picky with your content:

Your business profile on Instagram must be only about the business activities. Never upload anything that has nothing to do with your brand. If you like something and want to share it with people, but it is not related to your business then consider creating an account for personal purposes.

- Add videos and boomerangs:

Uploading images on Instagram is incredible but adding videos and boomerangs also help in boosting the engagement rate. Boomerangs are unique to Instagram so they will be fabulous when posted with right captions and hashtags.

- Become Sherlock homes:

Study your competition on Instagram to check their engagement metrics. What type of content is generating the response? What kind of hashtags and captions do they use? When they post content and is that helping them getting engaged with their targeted audience? Be a spy and find answers to all these questions.

Be active in your Instagram community and maintain a consistent look of your business profile on Instagram.


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