Progress Software Launches Communications Order Management Solution Accelerator for Telecommunication Service Providers

November 9, 2010 No Comments

SOURCE:  Progress Software

Progress Software, a leading software provider that enables enterprises to be operationally responsive, today announced the availability of a comprehensive order processing solution, the Progress(R) Communications Order Management solution accelerator. This solution accelerator manages all the critical business processes within an order management lifecycle and enables telecommunications service providers to bring new and existing bundled services to market faster across multiple, disparate B/OSS platforms leveraging their current infrastructure. A solution accelerator facilitates the deployment of the communications order management capabilities ensuring a faster return on investment and value creation.

Analysys Mason Principal Analyst, Mark Mortensen, said: “Telecommunication companies sell a variety of voice, data, content and mobile services to businesses and consumers. They are facing enormous complexity in their business on a daily basis, while at the same time attempting to prevent customer churn and staying ahead of their competition. By gaining greater control over the critical business processes in a customer order lifecycle, these companies can expect to bring services to market faster, gain an edge over their competition, and improve their customer’s overall experience.”

The Progress Communications Order Management solution accelerator provides four primary benefits. First, it provides improved visibility across a customer order lifecycle and enables better management of order exceptions. Second, it facilitates the deployment of new bundled services and changes to current offerings more easily, allowing them to bring these services to market faster. Third, it allows the synchronization of related activities across processes that would otherwise be disconnected. Fourth, it leverages legacy infrastructures thus extending the ROI in B/OSS platforms.

Sanjay Kumar, Vice President of Communications and Media Industry at Progress Software, said, “With the pace of change in the communications industry increasing exponentially, our customers tell us that the underlying operational and business support systems are falling under considerable stress and strain due to the necessity of bundling new and innovative services. This means that a service provider’s ability to meet customer expectations for order fulfillment is constantly challenged, making it nearly impossible for organizations to strategically manage their business, as well as drive process improvements that best enhance their customer’s experience.”

The Progress Communications Order Management solution accelerator is a unique capability layered on the Progress Responsive Process Management(TM) (RPM) suite specifically for the telecommunications industry. The Progress(R) RPM suite delivers immediate and actionable insight into business operations and enables business users to gain visibility into critical processes, immediately respond to events, and continuously improve their business performance — without disruption to existing infrastructure. In essence, it enables executives to respond to what is going to happen, before it does.

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