Q&A: IBM’s VP of Predictive Analytics Talks Social Media, BI

September 16, 2011 No Comments

SOURCE:  CIO Magazine

IBM has continued its push into the business analytics space, announcing in July that it had assigned 200 researchers to work across its customers’ business systems.

IBM’s vice president of predictive analysis, Deepak Advani, explained to CIO that his work has expanded since the advent of social media.

What is your role at IBM and where were you working prior to this? What experience do you bring to the table?

I have a responsibility for the development and strategy for the business analytics portfolio, which includes business intelligence; a lot of acquisitions we’re making in the risk analytics space as well. As far as my background I have a computer science undergraduate degree and early on in my career I worked on parallel supercomputer software for IBM, and I also spent four years as a project officer for Lenovo.

I’m really interested in the space of predictive analytics, because when you combine computer science and mathematics to disciplines like marketing it really changes the game in a revolutionary way.

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