REACH3 Unveils Latest Release of its Healthcare CRM

November 9, 2010 No Comments


REACH3 healthcare CRM’s market leader, enabling robust provider and payer marketing initiatives through secure, web-based technology – today announced the latest release of CRM Custom, a solution that helps single- and multi-facility health systems leverage advanced customer relationship management (CRM) analytics and techniques to connect with consumers and patients through targeted marketing communication.

“With this new release, we have taken CRM Custom to the next level,” said Jim Schleck, REACH3’s executive director. “Its ease-of-use, functionality, flexibility and robustness lead all healthcare CRM products on the market today, enabling hospitals to identify, acquire and retain prospective and existing patients with maximum precision, efficiency and cost effectiveness.”

Hundreds of hospitals using REACH3’s solution to create highly effective direct marketing communications will have the opportunity to upgrade to the new CRM Custom platform and take advantage of its enhanced features at no cost to them. Enhancements include:

  • More robust IDEAL Target™ technology that enables facilities to achieve higher response rates and return-on-marketing investment by using REACH3’s proprietary healthcare predictive segmentation models to target and communicate more effectively with high-risk, high-value prospects and patients.
  • Upgraded Distributed Analytics application that automates the back-end CRM analytics and makes it easy for large health systems to share and access actionable information across their enterprises via a web-based interface.
  • Planning tools that integrate hospital data with demographic, geographic and psychographic data to give hospital marketers insight into the current and future landscape of their market.
  • Google-based mapping tools that enable facilities to more easily define geographic areas to target and create segment-of-one customized maps for direct marketing communication.
  • Online analytic processing tool that streamlines searches for and access to information.

“REACH3’s new CRM release has already increased the efficiency of our marketers’ workflow and our ability to communicate and connect with prospective and existing patients,” said Catherine Kennebeck, administrative director for Virginia Mason Medical Center. “We are developing marketing lists, customizing communication to individuals, accessing reports and measuring the effectiveness of our marketing initiatives even more rapidly than before.”

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