Red Hat Forum 2012: IT needs to evolve

August 28, 2012 No Comments

Source: ARN

IT needs to evolve to accommodate the challenges of datacentres and other technologies associated with it, such as the Cloud, according to industry experts.

A panel of specialists recently spoke at the Red Hat Forum 2012, where they addressed the need for businesses to build an open hybrid Cloud.

Red Hat A/NZ managing director, Max McLaren, said that as the trend in the industry is shifting from physical assets to better operating and managing information assets, it becomes all about componentisation and standardisation.

“This is why we are evolving into the ability to innovate and leverage Cloud computing. We believe that this will be the basis for innovation in this information world that we’re entering in,” he said.

McLaren also mentioned that he is seeing the emergence of a new set of IT companies, not vendors, that are taking the innovations and initiating new ways of leveraging the information.

“They will drive the roadmap of the IT industry. There is obviously a fundamental shift in computer architectures and business models. To be truly open, architectures need to be hybrid models,” he claimed.

Red Hat senior direct sales account manager, Warren Schilpzand, said 90 per cent of the world’s data was created in the past two years.

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