Retroactive Governance is Better than Nothing

January 12, 2012 No Comments

You won’t have to try too hard to imagine this scenario: you installed an application for a specific department to solve a certain task — let’s call it marketing automation and team sites in SharePoint. A few months later you come back to find that it has spiraled into dozens of other departments and the system is growing like an insatiable IT monster, set to consume all of your time and resources. And now the fun part: your executive team wants to know how people are using it and why your million dollar projects look and feel a lot like unmanaged shared drives. What do you do?

Got Governance?

Like driving the speed limit and eating 5 servings a day of vegetables, governance is something you know you should do, but often overlook. Not only that, but what IT takes on as “governance” is different than what people in the business unit face with content governance.

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