SAP’s New Solutions Address Mobility, Social Media

March 10, 2011 No Comments

SAP has launched the 4.0 releases of its BI (business intelligence) and EIM (enterprise information management) solutions from its BusinessObjects portfolio.

With these products, the company wants to address the growing needs of enterprises which want to enable a mobile workforce and also keep an eye on social media.

“Companies want to find out whether people are saying good things or bad things about them, so social analytics is very important for them today,” said Mr Simon Dale, senior VP – Asia Pacific Japan, SAP Asia Pte Ltd.

The challenge, he said, was that companies were traditionally used to dealing with structured data in databases, while the information found on social networks is typically unstructured.

“The world of unstructured information is exploding faster than the database world.”

One of the goals for SAP was to help businesses get an understanding of the data that they are managing from different perspectives.

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