You can’t just turn it up to 11 – Scaling to be more cloud-like

March 21, 2012 No Comments

My day job gives me the opportunity to talk about the impact of IT changes to companies of all shapes and sizes. One of the common threads that bind them is the desire to be more like SaaS providers such as Salesforce, Google Docs and the like, and less like the corporate IT department of old.

One of the key changes will be preparing for scale before you’re even confident that your service will gain traction. One thing I am confident of is that, like the rock gods Spinal Tap, painting an 11 on your website will not be enough to make them believe the service is any better. Sadly, you’re going to have to understand the production line mechanics of the cloud world if you’re going to thrive.

Read Paul Muller’s full post at Enterprise CIO Forum


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