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Simple Steps to Legally Unlock a Network Restricted Samsung Galaxy S10

April 1, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Victor Ochieng, Independent technology Author

Samsung is admittedly one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. In fact, a review of the best smartphones in the world is incomplete or deliberately biased if it doesn’t include any of Samsung’s smartphone models. Their flagships, the Samsung Galaxy S10 & Samsung Galaxy S10+, is currently the talk of the town, with some reviewers even asserting that the S10 has the best display in the world among its competitors, literally the best ever made. All these have sparked serious interest towards this gadget, and that’s most probably the reason why the pre-orders in Korea beat the pre-order numbers of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Besides the stunning display, what are some of the other features that make the S10 such a big attraction? Well, there are numerous improved features, but we’ll just mention a few. Firstly, the phone’s RAM is 8GB, doubling that of Samsung Galaxy S9, its predecessor. It has a new and interesting rear camera set up that boasts of three cameras. The screen brightness is raised to 1200nits, a clear 100nits over the S9. But that’s not all; the phone also comes with a slightly larger screen, a bigger battery and a larger storage capacity. But even with all these amazing features, the Samsung Galaxy S10 still clocks lighter weight and a thinner build.

That’s amazing, right?

If you’re keen on enjoying these features, you must be ready to pay. Samsung Galaxy S10 is hitting the market at a price tag that the Samsung Galaxy S9 shies away from, significantly for that matter. That shouldn’t put you off though. As usual, Samsung normally partners with other reputable industry players to provide easily manageable payment plans for customers. Companies like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and many others across the globe are known big players in this trade. Ideally, this means you can still own the Samsung Galaxy S10 even if you don’t have the price tag amount in lump sum.

Payment Plans and Why Some Users Are Hesitant

These mobile network service providers will make it possible for you to at least own a Samsung Galaxy S10 at a time maybe you couldn’t afford it if you had to pay for it in a single transaction. However, such payment plans normally come with a bit of a sacrifice on the side of the buyer. The carriers always ensure that the phones they sell through such arrangements are strictly locked to their networks to make sure you cannot use another SIM card from a competitor. For example, if you purchased a Samsung Galaxy S10 from T-Mobile, it’d only accept a T-Mobile SIM card. In fact, trying to use a different carrier SIM card would result in an error.

Why an Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 is More Useful to You

It’s understandable that financial challenges can push someone to buy a phone through such payment plans. The problem, however, comes when you want to use a different SIM card from the one your phone is locked to. This need frequently arises for those who travel a lot. One time you’re in one part of the world and another time you’re in a different geographical location where the primary network of your Samsung Galaxy S10 isn’t active; is too expensive or not stable. Such a scenario leaves you with no better option than to switch to a local network. If your phone is unlocked, you’d only need to pull out one SIM card and put in a local one and enjoy the service. For a locked phone, however, it’s a totally different story.

Moreover, if at some point you’re going to consider selling your Samsung Galaxy S10, it’d attract a higher resell value when unlocked.

Getting to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S10

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S10 that’s locked to a given network, don’t worry. In this piece, we outline the procedure for unlocking your phone without the troubling need of going back to your carrier. This will work for you even if you’d already tried to unlock it with the “help” of your carrier to no avail. Should that be the case, it’s understandable because they want to keep you locked to their network for financial gains. In fact, many people who’ve tried to unlock their phones through the carrier are always subjected to a rigorous process, an unending bureaucracy, which often times ends up unsuccessful.

Luckily, you can avoid that hassle. The tech world has progressed and made it possible for users to unlock their phones using simple, secure and legal ways. This involves nothing more than purchasing an unlock code.

Here is How to Do It

The headache is no longer warranted. Any user can simply go online and purchase an unlock code for their respective device. In this “How To” issue, we give you the approach to do so. Despite the fact that there are several companies that offer this service, we’re going to narrow it all down to UnlockUnit. Our choice of UnlockUnit is founded on the consistency in the quality of the services they offer. We’ve partnered with this specific company for many years now with no regrets and even recommended them to users who’ve also brought back good feedback. UnlockUnit’s customer support is well versed with different phone brands and models, something quite evident in their approach to handling customer tickets.

The Procedure

1. Have the IMEI/IMEID of Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Ready

cell three 300x158 Simple Steps to Legally Unlock a Network Restricted Samsung Galaxy S10

To get started, put ready the IMEI/IMEID of the Samsung Galaxy S10 that you’d like to unlock. If you don’t already have it, simply key in *#06# on the phone you wish to unlock and then call. You will receive the IMEI/IMEID in a pop-up. If for whatever reason that’s not your preferred approach, go to the settings area of your Samsung Galaxy S10 and check the information under About Phone. You’ll get the details of your phone’s IMEI/IMEID right there.

2. Purchase an Unlock Code

arrow 300x118 Simple Steps to Legally Unlock a Network Restricted Samsung Galaxy S10

Now that you already have your IMEI/IMEID ready, it’s time to get an unlock code. visit UnlockUnit and on the page that appears, choose the device model and on the next page select network that your Samsung Galaxy S10 is locked to. Enter your phone’s IMEI/IMEID and your active email address in their respective fields on the appearing form. From there, click on the checkbox to agree to the terms and then hit the “Unlock Now” button. The specific unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy S10 will then be automatically forwarded by UnlockUnit to the email address you provided.


  1. Use the Code to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S10

Once you’ve logged into your email and confirmed that you’ve received the unlock code from UnlockUnit, power off your locked Samsung Galaxy S10 and remove the SIM card of the network you’re locked to. Now insert another SIM card from a different network that’s operating within the locality. Power the phone back on and wait to enter the unlock code as soon as you’re prompted to do so. That’s all you need to do and you have your unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10.

The Scope of Phone Brands Covered

In this article, we’ve focused solely on Samsung Galaxy S10. This doesn’t, however, mean that UnlockUnit only helps with the unlocking of this brand and model. The company, based on our experience with them, unlocks phones from different brands, including Apple, Motorola, Huawei, LG, HTC and more.

To check whether your phone is also covered, just visit their website.



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