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Simple Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked Online and Protect Your Business

January 29, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Dine Racoma, Independent Technology Author

Hacking is one of the worst possibilities when you start online marketing. If someone hacks your account, your business could be at risk and if you have digitised all your data as well, you could lose of it when someone attempts to hack your account and succeeds in doing it. Remember these tips to avoid the consequences of hacking.

Change your password and update accounts

Some businesses take the extra step of ensuring the security of their account by entrusting only a few people to have the password. In some cases, three employees hold the password, and they can just log in when all three of them are present. It might seem silly, but it is an excellent way to prevent hacking or to avoid the risk when an employee goes rogue. When using social media for advertising, you also need to check the last time you updated the accounts. You might still be using old software that is vulnerable to attacks.

Use software to check for data breaches

The worst thing that could happen is that your site gets hacked but you only notice it several hours later since at that point, someone might have already stolen crucial data. You can download software that notifies you if someone breaches your security and at least then you’ll receive alerts and can do something to prevent the problem from getting worse.

Always verify when unsure

The campaign team of Hillary Clinton got hacked because of a suspicious email and the said email eventually lead to the defeat of Clinton, because everyone obsessed about the email leaks that damaged her reputation further. It happened when a seemingly authentic mail reached Clinton’s campaign manager, asking him to change the password due to a possible security breach. He asked another person to verify the email, but it seemed legitimate until after changing the password, someone stole the entire information in the email. If there had been further verification, it would have been possible to prevent this problem.

Distribute crucial data across different places

Avoid storing everything that is essential to your business in one storage space. If it gets hacked you will lose everything, yet when you scatter the information, you can save at least some of it. You also need to create a backup, in case the hack is successful as well – this is essential.

Hire an expert

You need a team that monitors all your online activities related to your business. These people will ensure that your primary website is working well, and all your social media accounts are intact. You can only imagine how terrible it could be if someone hacked your Facebook posts and used the account to spread false information to destroy your reputation.

There are lots of bad people out there, and they rejoice in the defeat of others. You can stop them from succeeding by adding additional layers of online protection.

Even when you use traditional advertising strategies like roll up banners, the design could be available online. If you get hacked, everyone will know what the banners will look like, even before printing them and you might end up losing a lot of money in the end.

Hacking is something you can prevent if you exhaust all means to stay protected. Stay Safe.



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