Simplifying Video Streaming for Enterprises: Integration, Mobile Devices and Other Opportunities

June 7, 2011 No Comments


Video streaming has increasing appeal to enterprises, especially if it can be integrated with video conferencing systems. Technology exists to theoretically make such integration easy, but in practice there is a complex set of factors to consider.

In a recent TMCnet video interview during Interop (NewsAlert) 2011, Tom Racca, President and CEO of BurstPoint, talked about what his company is doing to make video simpler for enterprises.

“It’s important to have an all-in-one platform,” he stressed during the conversation.

A truly integrated platform, he said, takes into consideration all aspects of video creation and distribution: capture, editing/publishing, distribution/delivery, and consumption. BurstPoint has developed just such a platform, which stores, archives, manages and streams video to user devices and HD digital signage screens.

The latest version of BurstPoint’s Video Communication Platform Conference Point is an integrated solution for video conferencing systems that supports live streaming for up to six simultaneous sessions, multi-stream transcoding using a fault-tolerant appliance, and on-demand playback. The appliance also supports hot-swap RAID drives and power supplies.

“We stream H.323 and H.239 video off any videoconferencing system,” Racca explained. “We can capture it, record it for later viewing, and stream it to tens of thousands of users.”

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