Small Business Techniques for Increasing Visibility Online

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Featured article by Jennifer Livingston, Independent Technology Author

 Small Business Techniques for Increasing Visibility Online

Visibility – How to Get It and How to Keep It

Today’s small businesses can grab a lion’s share of visibility by simply improving their online presence. There are several points to consider when attempting to increase online visibility. The first is an objective review of the existing presentation of products and/or services. Next, there is the all important “hook” that captures optimal traffic. These are the basic steps that represent how well a small business will succeed with its branding and business image.

The Objective Review of Small Business Presentation

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make when venturing into the cyber world of the internet and online community is inadequate presentation. All businesses should be objective about the message their online business sends to their target markets.

Within the presentation content, create the message that the business possesses expertise. This is a relatively simple platform that should imply reliability and knowledge of products, services, target markets and also buyer impetus. The successful business presentation relies on a consistent message about the company’s brand.

Formulating the “Hook”

Advertisers and promoters all know the importance of the “hook” to attract interest. Once the business brand is in place and the presentation has been scrutinized for consistency, developing the hook that small businesses need to attract interest requires serious consideration.

Each product and/or service offered to the public needs a comprehensive study of competitors and buyer trends. This is usually part of marketing research. Small businesses can develop their own marketing research teams or delegate this to a particular member of staff.

Gather sufficient data to support forward movement of the design of the “hook.” A hook is the point in small business presentation online or off where the business offers an introduction to the product and/or service and also a big promise of why the product and/or service are a crucial purchase.

Create a “must have” hook by using keywords in content judiciously and powerfully throughout the business introduction.

The Hypothesis of How Small Businesses Can Get Noticed Online

The size of a small business has little to do with how well it succeeds at online visibility. The hypothesis of how small businesses can get noticed online is based on the premise that small businesses are unique and are established by entrepreneurs who possess creativity and ingenuity. However, small businesses need additional techniques to create a continuous proactive online presence. For example, take small business carpet cleaner companies. This is a niche business that competes with several industry leaders who offer a complete menu of cleaning services.

Niche businesses need to strategize how to create the most unique brand that attracts greatest online traffic. The message these businesses send is that they are experts in grout cleaning that none of the big industry leaders can compete with. The hook for grout cleaning businesses online should be filtered through keywords that focus on the big promise of the most effective grout cleaning.

This is also true for cabinet painter companies that are also niche businesses with a singular talent and skill: cabinet painting. The message in this case should be focused on the excellence of the craftsmen who make dull, lackluster cabinets look new again. However, the keywords in the hook should show the online target market how this is accomplished to engender confidence in the business. By articulating the specifics of niche businesses like grout cleaning and cabinet painting, the presentation flows smoothly and attracts the right target market.

In summation, by qualifying and quantifying business techniques that fit seamlessly with business brand, logo, products and service, this is how small businesses can get noticed online quickly and for the long term. Getting noticed online is important. “Staying” noticed online is most important. A solidly designed business plan and implementation of business techniques get small businesses noticed online consistently and reliably.



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