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SnatchBot & the Hospitality Industry: AI-Powered Customer Service

July 10, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Nemanja Manojlovic, Internet Marketing Manager at Podroom Creative

Slide10 3 copy 300x212 SnatchBot & the Hospitality Industry: AI Powered Customer Service

Almost every industry is implementing chatbots these days, as they are increasingly realizing the huge potential of these revolutionary computer programs who can carry out intelligent, lifelike conversations with people. They bring numerous benefits to every single organization that uses them, saving them a lot of time and money and helping them increase their operational efficiency while leaving every customer who interacts with them absolutely satisfied.

Chatbots are some of the main buzzwords across many vertical markets, and the hospitality industry is one of those where chatbots may just be making the biggest changes. They are completely transforming the industry as we know it, helping hotels, booking agents and airlines create fantastic experiences with their customers, who can now book tickets and accommodation without any friction whatsoever.

Let’s dive deeper into how chatbots are creating conversational hospitality and the main benefits that they are bringing to the industry.

Chatbots and Conversational Hospitality

Before chatbots, businesses in the hospitality industry could interact with their customers only through one-way transactions. With chatbots, they can have two-way conversations, and intelligent ones at that, since bots are powered by AI and can learn from all their interactions, which is precisely what makes them capable of carrying out human-like conversations.

This is exactly what is meant by conversational hospitality. AI-powered customer service eliminates time-consuming and sometimes confusing and frustrating experiences that people have while booking a hotel, ordering room service, buying an airplane ticket or booking a table at their favorite restaurant, turning them into personalized conversations that people are actually looking for.

If a customer is looking for an answer to a simple question and has to go through several different channels to get it, they will certainly become frustrated and may even move on to another brand. Chatbots are removing all the friction by being available 24/7 on multiple channels and being capable of answering all the questions in just a matter of seconds since they can analyze enormous amounts of data in an instant.

Therefore, consumers no longer need to be put on hold and jump through hoops to get their questions answered or to book or order a particular service. They can get the help they need anytime they need it and anywhere they are.

How Is SnatchBot Changing the Game?

SnatchBot is continually proving that it is the best chatbot platform currently available. The platform uses a state-of-the-art NLP (Natural-Language Processing) and powerful machine learning technologies that make the chatbots created on the platform learn from all their interactions and fully understand the context in every conversation.

Because of this, chatbots built on the SnatchBot platform are capable of providing highly personalized customer service, which is something that people always expect from hotels, restaurants, airlines and other businesses in the hospitality industry. They can also hold multiple conversations at the same time, which further increases customer satisfaction, as they don’t have to wait on hold.

Apart from being excellent at carrying out intelligent conversations and providing direct booking services, these chatbots can send reminders (dinner reservations, spa reservations, upcoming check-out times, etc.) to hotel guests after checking in and stay in touch with them after they check out. People can order room service, ask for amenities, ask a bot to set up a morning alarm and pretty much anything else that can turn their stay into a wonderful experience.

What’s very important for the hospitality industry is breaking the language barrier. It is common knowledge that customers in the industry often come from different countries and speak different languages, so a lot of things often get lost in translation.

SnatchBot chatbots successfully solve this problem, as they are programmed to understand more than 53 languages and respond accordingly, making sure that every customer receives the requested service and gets a high degree of personalization.

What’s more, SnatchBot is an omnichannel platform, which means that you don’t need to build a separate bot for every channel – build only one and publish it into any channel you want. That way, you will enable your customers to engage in a conversation with your bot on any channel they prefer. They won’t need to leave the messaging channels they are using in order to visit your website and interact with your chatbot there, which is something that will make their experience with your brand much more convenient.

SnatchBot also has a Bot Store with lots of pre-built templates designed for various industries. There are lots of bots for hotels, restaurants, airlines and other businesses in the hospitality industry, so you can check them out if you don’t want to create one on your own. However, even if you’re not tech savvy, you can create your own chatbot in minutes, as the platform is incredibly intuitive.

Join the AI Ride and Empower Your Customer Service!

SnatchBot is a true game-changer in the hospitality industry and more and more businesses are embracing its bots and transforming their organizations. According to the data provided to us by Avi Ben Ezra, the CTO and co-founder of SnatchBot, 5% of 40 million interactions carried out by SnatchBot bots were in the hospitality vertical.

This may not be as high a percentage as it is in the education, IT, and e-commerce verticals (16%, 13%, and 13%, respectively), but the presence of SnatchBot bots is strongly felt in the hospitality industry and their usage is consistently rising.

The best part about these bots? They are completely free! You read it right, the platform provides free chatbots and there are no hidden costs down the line. If all their other amazing features didn’t capture your attention, the fact that free chatbots are just a few clicks away certainly will.

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