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Socialtext 4.5 Helps Enterprises Share, Organize and Discover Knowledge

November 9, 2010 No Comments

SOURCE:  SocialText

Socialtext, the leading enterprise social software company, unveiled new offerings today that help IT leaders knock down knowledge silos across their organizations. Socialtext 4.5 accelerates a company’s business performance by making it simple for employees to share relevant knowledge across departmental boundaries — and sort, curate and discover that information later with the context in which it was generated.

“Right now, employees waste a day a week looking for people and information,” says Eugene Lee, Socialtext’s CEO. “By bridging information silos and making it simpler for people to share and discover work with colleagues, Socialtext 4.5 accelerates business performance and the speed with which employees can serve their customers.”

Share, Organize, and Discover the Real-Time Enterprise with Socialtext Explore

Throughout the day, people share links to critical projects, websites, documents, presentations, videos and other work that matters to their colleagues. But it’s often difficult for employees to go back and find them later. Search alone lacks context, while social bookmarking services merely create a laundry list of links with tags.

With the release of Socialtext 4.5 comes Socialtext Explore, a powerful new user experience for people at work. Socialtext Explore allows employees to find and discover not just links, but all the microblogging messages, pages, posts, pictures, and files they share with each other at work. With rich metadata attached to each message, people can sort these items by tag, a person, group, or date range.

Breaking down silos with the Connector

Traditional business systems have valuable information in them that is typically only seen by a narrow subset of people who focus on a specific business function, such as sales, human resources, finance or marketing. This creates knowledge silos, harming employees’ ability to see all the information and events that might inform their business decisions.

In a step towards tearing down these silos, Socialtext is announcing the availability of the Connector. The connector enables Socialtext customers to choose actions of virtually any type that happen in, and automatically inject them as events into Socialtext’s activity stream. There, employees across the company — not just in sales — can discuss, collaborate, and take action on those events to serve customers more efficiently.

“A traditional system like has important information that’s useful to more employees than just our sales, solutions and delivery teams,” says John Atherton, Vice President of Solutions Consulting & Knowledge Management at GT Nexus. “The Connector will integrate this valuable CRM data into our social software platform, which spans our enterprise.”

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