Software AG Puts ‘true deep’ integration in BPM Releases

April 29, 2011 No Comments

Software AG announced on Thursday two major product releases that for the first time offers what one executive describes as “true deep level integration” of its Webmethods and ARIS platforms, got from acquisitions in previous years. However, one analyst thinks this is more of a “catch-up” release that mimics capabilities others have already brought to market.

This is not to minimize the strength of the assets that they are bringing over, but in BPM platform integration, they are following in the steps of recent similar announcements from IBM and Oracle,” said Tony Baer, senior analyst with research firm Ovum

webmethods 8.2 and ARIS 7.2 are the latest versions of the Germany-based business process management (BPM) vendor’s execution engine and business process design platforms, respectively. Software AG acquired Webmethods in 2007 and IDS Scheer in 2009.

The idea is that, by integrating the technologies, customers get a “unified” way of doing tooling, administration and management of the products. During a conference call, Susan Ganeshan, Software AG’s chief portfolio officer, said the integration will result in lower total cost of ownership and faster go-to-market for customers.

“That is our fundamental belief as an organization, and that is why we spend time bringing these products together in a unique way,” said Ganeshan.

Among the new capabilities in the new releases, is complex event processing (CEP) with a new product called Webmethods Business Events. Ganeshan said customers, such as those in the logistics business, can monitor and correlate events, such as storms or traffic, to ensure they can deliver on promised business metrics.

Software AG also now has its own rules platform, besides the one it will continue to offer through a partnership with Fico. This new open source-based platform supports dynamic rule changes and is useful for cable companies, said Ganeshan, that must manage product packages that undergo frequent changes to products and prices.

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