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Case Study: Multi-national Software Company uses BPMonline to optimise & control processes

August 17, 2012 No Comments

SOURCE: Spectec


Headquarted in Italy, SpecTec Group is a company specialising in the provision of Asset Management software and services.  In particular its key markets include Shipping, Oil&Gas, Defence, Energy production & distribution. The company’s software AMOS (Asset Management Operating System) allows operation and control of all Technical and Documentation aspects in the fields of: Maintenance, Spare parts and Stock control, Purchasing and Procurement, Quality and Safety documentation management, Voyage management (for shipping), Personnel management. Founded in 1985, Spectec now operates in 16 countries, with a total of 24 offices across the globe.

Challenge – Needed a tailored CRM & project management solution to centralise & improve sales & implementation processes across 16 different countries

Manager, Enterprise Resource Planning and Development at Spectec, Francesco Benetti explains “With multiple operations across the World, it was difficult to manage, standardise and report on the performance of different countries.  We wanted to introduce a single combined CRM & project management solution that could be used across the organisation and would continually improve our overall processes – from initial sales prospecting to managing customer implementation and delivery.”

Solution – “A process-based solution that could be designed to fit our specific requirements”

The company reviewed a number of products on the market including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle and SalesForce.  “None of these had the flexibility that matched the unique nature of our industry and our target markets.” says Benetti, “We knew from the outset that an off-the-shelf solution was unlikely to meet our goals and none of the products we looked at could be adapted in the way that we wanted.  At this stage we considered developing a bespoke solution in-house, but we simply did not have the time or resources to achieve this.”

“We liked the direct relationship with the vendor”

“However we were then introduced to BPMonline who offered a platform that enabled you to create, manage and continually modify your processes for CRM and project management.  We also liked the people and the direct relationship we were offered with the vendor.  From an early stage we felt confident that the software had the potential to meet our existing and changing requirements and felt assured that we could work successfully together.”

Implementation – A phased roll-out to all 24 offices

The first pilot was in the Dubai office, followed by Italy (the largest office with 40 staff) and then other countries pushing up the total number so far to 150.  By the end of 2012, all 350 employees are scheduled to be using the BPMonline software. “With so many locations it would have been difficult to install the software all at once, so the ability to pilot each installation in series has worked well, so we can gradually upgrade all sites” says Benetti.

Features and Benefits – Increased efficiencies & sales, plus substantial time saved in management and reporting

“Prior to using BPMonline, every country or even office had a different way of handling prospective and existing customers and on-going projects. Many simply used packages such as small tailored applications or Excel to manage customer contact.  As you can imagine the reporting and management of each country was quite complicated and could take many days each month to compile.  Now using BPMonline we can consolidate all the data from each site into a single report for MDs and CEO.  At a group level this means we know exactly what’s happening in every office.” says Benetti.

Since installing the software we now have a common approach to customer management and delivery.  As a company we are ISO9001 certified so we take best practices very seriously.  The software has allowed us to meet our KPIs in most cases, and in instances where there were bottlenecks or under-performance, the reporting from the system allows us to identify any failures and alter processes so we can turn any weaknesses into future success.”

“Freedom to design it in a way that supports how we communicate with customers”

“A critical attribute of the BPMonline software is that we have the freedom to design it in a way that supports how we communicate with customers.  The industries we target are quite unique in that they tend to prefer face-to-face contact and sometimes sales cycles can vary from between a month to 1 year.  From the initial confirmation of a lead there can be multiple steps before we confirm a project.  During this time it often necessary for various parties to be involved in collecting the relevant data and proposal information. At the same time we also need to strictly control who is in contact with the prospect and what information is sent.  All of this we have been able to support with BPMonline.”

Better communication between sales & operations leads to enhanced service

Another area of the business where BPMonline has had a positive impact is on the relationship between the sales and operations departments.  Benetti explains, “In the past there were always complaints from the operations department that they did not know exactly what the sales personnel had sold, but now with set processes in place all sales movements can be tracked.  Due to the improved communication, operational staff are now in sync with sales, so that customer projects and on-going requests can be fully understood and met more quickly and efficiently.”

Future – “Endless opportunities to continually improve processes”

Benetti concludes, “As our company continues to grow and the volume of processes increases, we see the standardising of methodology as fundamental to business success. We regard BPMonline as an ever-evolving platform that gives us endless opportunities to continually improve processes and both meet and exceed customer expectations.”

Val Litvin

Marketing Manager



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