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Starting a Business Soon? Reasons You Should Invest in Enterprise SEO

July 16, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Jennifer Zilin, Independent Author

seo 300x199 Starting a Business Soon? Reasons You Should Invest in Enterprise SEO

Gone are the days when starting a business was all about opening up a shop and having wares to sell. These days, your business needs to have virtual presence as well. Most consumers shop online, discover new outlets and decide whether to visit your business or not, through web and social media platforms. That’s why if you do not have an online presence, your business is going to suffer.

However, only having a website doesn’t guarantee the success of your business. What you need is a fully optimized strategy to market your content digitally. And for that, you need to hire professional help as it is not the work of amateurs. Handling everything related to a business’s visibility on the web comes under Enterprise SEO and here are the reasons you should invest in it.

Access to Specialized Software

Having an Enterprise SEO platform means getting access to specialized software which are otherwise unavailable to the general public. And even if they were provided to you, you wouldn’t know how to use them. Not to mention how expensive they are. But when you invest in enterprise SEO, you can benefit from such software and control the online visibility of your business. It also helps you with:

- Monitoring the traffic on your website to see how many users visited it.

- Reporting the data in real time, eliminating the need to make reports manually, and saving time

- Analyze consumer trends to see which keyword is being searched the most, so that you can integrate it your business content

- Keeping you up to date with search engine, such as Google’s algorithm in order to help your SERP ranking

Better Coordinated Social Media Marketing

Enterprise SEO monitors all online activities regarding your business, which means they have considerable data at its dispense. And we all know how important social media marketing has become over the past few years. Majority of the people use social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as their primary search source. Enterprise SEO ensures that the data collected with its software is integrated in your business’s social media marketing for maximum visibility.

Helps you Target Local Market

What if someone likes your business on the web and wants to purchase from you, but doesn’t because you’re in a country on the other end of the world? In order to get real time customers who actually benefit your business, you need to start with targeting the local market. And Enterprise SEO knows that. It makes it a priority and targets local audience with incorporating the address and location in your business content. For example, if you are a vintage clothing store in downtown L.A, the ideals keywords in your content should include “Los Angeles, L.A, vintage store near me, best vintage clothes, etc.”

Bolsters your Audience

After you’ve established yourself in local market, it’s time for you to expand out to the global market, which is easier said than done. Since it is a primary step in marketing to target specific kinds of customers and fulfill their needs, you’re at a risk of limiting your business to that criteria. It is significant that you create products for more than your targeted customer. Online search patterns can reveal the overlap between what your targeted and non-targeted consumer’s needs. You can integrate suggestions for them in your online content to expand your business.

Influences your Brand Image

Brand image is of high importance. Enterprise SEO makes sure your business establishes authority in its relevant field. In order to achieve that, you need to build trusted links to yours site so that Google recognizes your authority. Link independent as well as other influential sites relating to your business in your online content and digital marketing to add credibility to your brand.

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Jennifer Zilin is a blogger with almost 4-year experience in SEO, SMM field, also a founder of Where she shares lifestyle topics and guides.







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