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Stay Connected More Easily Using These Applications

September 12, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Rick DelGado, Independent Technology Author

Communication is an essential factor in the life of a person. People need to keep on communicating so that they can exchange ideas, opinions, and also resolve problems. Communicating is also a right way of expressing your feelings towards people so that they can know what you are thinking. Here are some of the standard apps connector that you can use to keep in touch with coworkers, family members, and even friends.

Office Chat

This is a secure instant messaging mobile application that is commonly used by teams working in the same organization. It is used in sharing files, messages, videos, audios, and documents with your colleagues in real time. You can go ahead and create a group where members working in the same team or project can come together to deliberate on what to do to achieve their goals. This messaging platform is used as it comes with an auto-destroy feature that destroys the messages after the recipient has read them.


This is an application that is one of the most commonly used in the communication world as it offers one of the benefits that other devices have not been able to provide: Video calling. You can use Skype to call your team members in group video, speak to your client, or even communicate with your family members. Additionally, this platform can be used in sending files and messages to the person on the other side. Skype is highly preferred because any person out there can install and set up the application for use.


This is one of the most secure application out there in the industry that you can use if you intend to keep your discussion private. It offers encrypted messages such that only the two people communicating will be able to view and read the messages on the platform. You can as well create a group, not exceeding 200 members, where you can share private information in the form of videos, audio files, documents, and text messages. You can give your messages a lifeline such that they will auto-destruct after a specific period.


This is a communication application that is taking the world by storm. It is configured I such a way that it accepts all forms of communication including text messages, multimedia messages, video calls, and voice calls among others. You can as well use some features to find people in your proximity to night chatting. Currently being used by over 500 million individuals, WeChat will join other leading communication apps in the industry soon. The problem is that most of the users are based in China.


This is a family oriented communication platform that helps keep in touch with all the family members. Using this chat, you will be able to see where each person as shown by symbols and other features and help you to keep in touch. Despite offering the underlying communication platform for individuals as well as groups, Life360 allows users to see the nearest hospital in case of an accident and detect a crime scene as well so that one can warn family members of impending danger.


WhatsApp stands as one of the commonly used applications in the industry across the world. The communication app, which can be found in both mobile and desktop versions helps you to send messages, documents, and pictures just for free. All you need is a free Wi-Fi to use the application. If you cannot connect to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot, you can use mobile data from your provider and have easy access to this platform. WhatsApp comes in handy when communicating with family members who are living outside the country.

Communication has been made easier while using this application. Whether you intend to communicate to your colleagues at work, family members, and close friends, you can quickly do this by just clicking your mobile or the device you are using. The best thing is that you can keep it private if you need it.

Rick Delgado V Stay Connected More Easily Using These Applications

by Rick DelGado, Independent Author

I’ve been blessed to have a successful career and have recently taken a step back to pursue my passion of writing. I’ve started doing freelance writing and I love to write about new technologies and how it can help us and our planet.” – Rick DelGado


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