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Step by Step Instruction for Getting a Check Printed Using QuickBooks

August 21, 2018 No Comments

Featured article Agrima Tikader, Independent Technology Author

Paying off people can be a hassle when you need to make multiple payments. A software can be the solution you are looking for. QuickBooks by Intuit is the most common accounting solution that most businesses rely on.

Using QuickBooks, you can make payments without a hiccup. Here is a step by step process by which you can use QuickBooks to print checks and get payments done.

Get the Software

The first, the most obvious step is to have a QuickBooks account. You can visit the QuickBooks website and start a 30-day trial before you pay for the accounting services. Once you have an account you can add files to keep track of the payments and services. Link your business bank account to the QuickBooks account.

Select a Check Printing Business

There are many companies that provide QuickBooks compatible checks. When it comes to online intuit check ordering you have to find the most trustworthy website. Look for the website that is offering the best price and the best delivery time. There are many check printing websites that do not offer QuickBooks compatible checks. Find the one that allows you to print checks using QuickBooks.

Choose the Check Design

Once you have selected the website you need to design the check. first, you need to select what kind of check do you want. Having selected the style of check you can select the colour and texture of the check papers. Next select the number of pages, which will tell you the amount you need to pay. Finally, you need to enter your company details, bank details and other information that need to be on the check. you will be given a preview before you place the order.

Get the Check Delivered

How fast the checks are delivered depends on which online intuit check ordering website you have chosen. Some websites can offer 1-day delivery while others take a couple of days. So, keep delivery time in mind when comparing the different check ordering websites.

Use the Software to Write the Check

Look for the “write checks” option under the QuickBooks Banking menu. QuickBooks, by default, selects all checks to be printed. If you want to print only one check then unselect the other checks. you may have to enter the check number in the first check number box. Once the check is selected then click on the “OK” button.

Print the Check

Under the QuickBooks File menu select the “Print Forms” option. Select the type of check you want to print. Select the bank account that you want the money to be withdrawn from. Get your printer configured by inserting the check sheets. Select whether you need single or multiple prints. Hit the print button.

Stamp the Check

The process is not complete until the checks have the endorsement stamps. Without the endorsement stamps, the checks cannot be cashed. You can buy endorsement stamps from the same websites where you get the check papers. Stamp the check and complete the payment process.

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