Stop Being a Hero! Create a Natural Customer Experience that is Inspiring, Human and Achievable

February 27, 2012 No Comments

Inspiring. Human. Achievable. We are constantly being asked by our clients how they can create a Customer Experience that is consistent. Here are two examples, one outlining what not to do; the other outlining a much better approach.

The hero approach

Last year I wrote about a blogger who ordered a Morton’s steak over Twitter. You may recall Morton’s met the blogger at the airport with his steak. A lot of buzz was generated by this outstanding act of “customer service.”

My view was this wasn’t Customer service, more a publicity stunt on behalf of Morton’s. It wasn’t replicable and certainly they haven’t been consistent in the delivery of the same experience of other people. I call this the hero approach as the world is not full of heroes. Heroes by definition are unusual. If they weren’t, these heroic acts would just be business as usual.

You cannot base your business on heroes. Like all heroic acts they should be celebrated, encouraged but it’s difficult to make them consistent. So what is the alternative?

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