SYNNEX Corporation Launches “ECExpress Mobile” Application

October 14, 2010 No Comments


SYNNEX Corporation a leading business process services company, today announced the launch of the mobile application for its e-commerce website, ECExpress, at the SYNNEX Corporation “World of Solutions” National Conference. President and Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Murai, demonstrated the functionality of ECExpress Mobile, which is developed for use on Android, iPhone, Blackberry and HP Palm Web OS mobile devices for both the United States and Canada.

ECExpress is the e-commerce website SYNNEX resellers use to search for product pricing and availability, enter orders, as well as to check order and account status. The mobile application, created by the SYNNEX Mobile Apps Solutions Group, takes the best of those features and provides resellers in the field with the same functionality on a mobile device in real-time without an internet connection. Another unique benefit of the ECExpress Mobile is UPC product recognition. Service technicians can scan the barcode on a product’s asset tag and recall data relating to the transaction of the product, giving them the information they need to complete the service call.

“We have always developed solutions that enable our resellers to be more efficient. As the world rapidly extends from the desktop to a mobile business environment, SYNNEX invested in the resources to create ECExpress Mobile,” said Mr. Murai. “SYNNEX Mobile Apps Solutions Group not only developed ECExpress Mobile, they also have developed a custom mobile middleware for our resellers to connect their customers to mobile applications on the fly. No other distributor has this solution.”

With the growth of powerful mobile computing using smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, companies are looking for ways to help their staff be more efficient and available to their customers and teams. “It’s all about the speed of doing business. Having ECExpress in real-time while our team is in the field will make us more efficient and will reduce delays for our customers,” said Woody Skuodas, Director of HP Practice at AOS in Omaha, Nebraska. “We chose to work with SYNNEX because they understand pain points for resellers. ECExpress Mobile will help alleviate them. It is a real value for our company.”

Reseller attendees of the conference received an HP Palm Pixi with a 30-day service trial from Sprint so they can experience the possibilities the service can provide firsthand. “SYNNEX selected HP to launch ECExpress Mobile because of their strategic understanding of mobility in our business,” said Mr. Murai.



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