Taking to the stage to showcase Granite momentum

April 19, 2013 No Comments

SOURCE: Riverbed Technology

Under a bright pair of spotlights, an IT admin wields a shop-vac and metaphorically vacuums up the storage, apps, and backup that is “stuck” in a remote branch office.

After returning it to a data center storage array cabinet conveniently located on stage, Eric Wolford, Riverbed President of Products, proclaims, “Your data center now holds everything, it costs less, and it’s completely secure.”

With an air of technology meets SNL, today we put toegether a rousing party “live from New York” complete with a global simulcast – a 90-minute stage show illustrating how Granite is earning its place as a groundbreaking solution to remote office IT delivery all from the data center.

The event, held at a grand restored bank property adorned with towering Corinthian columns and Venetian glass, began with a playful sketch of the interplay between an IT manager and his customer – a remote office worker.

The sketch captured the pain of today’s business-as-usual approach of managing remote servers, storage, and backup, as well as unveiled how Granite products provide much needed relief. The creative opening lightened the mood and set the stage for the program to come.

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