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Technology and Education: Find Out How One Can Compliment Another

March 23, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Gloria, Independent Technology Author

Although the world of technologies expands with every new day, most schools in the US still lack computers. According to StatisticBrain, just 3.9% of American schools have one computer per student. It is so wrong taking into account each modern office employee has a personal computer. It speeds up both the process of learning and work. Luckily, students can obtain valuable help online thanks to the numerous learning apps, essay writer, and checking software.

In this article, we are going to discuss several top-preferred mobile and desktop applications that can boost your academic performance in a variety of fields!

H2: Penultimate & Evernote

task 246x300 Technology and Education: Find Out How One Can Compliment Another

Imagine a situation, in which you can download and install a single educational tool out of the entire pool. It would be rather difficult to choose, but any expert would recommend ending up with Evernote. You all have seen that elephant logo at least once in your life while surfing the web or elsewhere.

Why would we put these two together? Well, these educational tools are pretty much the same with several nuances. Perhaps, you have heard other students calling Evernote the king of note-taking software. It has its pros and cons. Among the available features, the students may benefit from using composting, bookmarking, storing, editing, and clipping. As for the gaps, the app does not allow to-do list creation. The fact Evernote is compatible with numerous platforms still makes the app attractive. For free, a user obtains special browser plugins, extensions, and mobile solution for those who prefer mobile devices to computers.

Users who have plenty of money in their reservoirs can think about upgrading to obtain more space for keeping files in Evernote. Besides, there are two more features that arrive along with the upgraded package. The first one is Work Chat. This feature allows text chatting with the rest of the app followers. iOS device owners have a unique opportunity to enjoy a flashcard-style quizzing. You may either come up with personalized content or download the available solutions form the web. It will refresh the knowledge of a particular academic subject.

H2: Mathway

task2 300x266 Technology and Education: Find Out How One Can Compliment Another

Do you need a pretty app with calculator, math lessons, or games to improve the skills in this area? A calculator alone is not enough to master the complex world of mathematics. No matter whether you have problems with algebra, geometry, or statistics, Mathway will handle that! Even Harvard University’s Personalized Learning Collaborative at the Center for Education Policy Research found that adaptive learning technology like Mathway can lead to gains in mathematics achievement.

Getting the final answer without interpreting it properly will never result even into B or B-. Students have to show clear step-by-step solutions to earn the full credit. Plug in equations to see detailed descriptions of the solutions in Mathway, and copy it to your notebook. Both Android and iOS users will benefit from using this little helper! Every time you view the solutions, you develop a better understanding of algebra, calculus, and other related disciplines. To get full answers with in-depth explanations, you should be ready to pay $19.99 monthly.

H2: MyScript Smart Note

Typing has almost replaced a traditional approach to writing – handwriting. Some students, who stick to the more traditional, classical ways to learn, prefer taking down notes during the lectures. While writing down things by yourself, you automatically process and memorize at least half of the information. By downloading the class notes after the lecture, a student does not remember the studied material that effectively. There is one more option, which combines a traditional method with the modern approaches. This half-technological method is writing on a table, which was extremely uncomfortable the other day. Today, MyScript Smart Note makes it possible to handwrite with the help of finger or special stylus without facing any obstacles. Besides, the gadget allows catching up with any speedy, mumbling teacher. This software is also excellent for studying at home or in the college library. The main advantage is that MyScript Smart Note is available in multiple languages, so even international students may use it. Those who study numerous languages will benefit from such option!

You can find the software free of charge. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The handwriting recognition feature is a plus for all students who mess up things in class when trying to catch up with every word a teacher says. Sometimes, we can not recognize our own writing, and this solution will help. The app is able to understand and interpret even the most legible handwriting – unfortunately, not many modern students can boast a nice one. No matter whether you are an owner of Android or iOS, all versions of this app can recognize the handwriting of any complexity level. A stylus would be a plus. Moreover, a student may edit the text with the help of special gestures. The software costs from $2 to $2.70.

H2: Duolingo

Are you a linguistics guru? Polyglots will find Duolingo quite useful. The application makes it much easier to master the most popular languages in the world. Bite-sized chunks via small and quick games and quizzes. There is no better way to learn any language! The app is focused on visualization and associations. Every game is exciting even though they get harder and more confusing with every new level. A user may choose from a large variety of languages. According to the numerous surveys on the effectiveness of this tool, 35 hours dedicated to this software equals to a single semester in high school. The application is free, so it is a real chance to impress everyone around with your new language skills! The app develops various parts of the brain, especially the one responsible for human memory.

H2: Brainscape

The main problem every student faces while studying is the amount of time wasted on homework assignments. With the help of special flashcards, a user may speed up the learning process. This application places the repetition of every concept excellently. It is up to the user to define the level of knowledge and particular skills. Then, Brainscape will offer the most proper time to pass one more quiz or quick contest. With each new challenge, a learning speed increases. A student may generate, share, and detect flashcards developed by other users. If you want to get Pro subscription for more options, invest just $10 every month. A lifetime subscription is even more beneficial as you pay just $80 once in your life. For this money, a student obtains browse mode, opportunity to develop own flashcards/bookmarks, and card reversibility.

That is it for today. Keep in mind many other third-party apps for your Android or iOS device exist. You just need to decide on the subject you feel inconvenient with and discover the most appropriate tool based on the expert reviews and feedback from other students.

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Gloria is a business and data management consultant. She works as a content manager at essay writing service.

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