Telefonica, Intel launch pilot programme for hybrid clouds

April 3, 2012 No Comments

Telefonica Digital, IntelLabs and the Intel Architecture Group have conducted the first phase of a joint research programme to prove technologies that will allow large, small and medium enterprises to migrate computing workloads from their local data centre to a third-party public cloud.

This programme demonstrates the concept of a cloud-bursting hybrid cloud service.This demonstrate allows enterprises to move as much of their applications and IT to the public cloud, allowing them to keep their important applications (or parts of applications) running internally. Companies can now interact between their internal cloud and the external public cloud.

The public cloud provides an integrated portal where enterprises will be able to manage their internal data centre resources and the resources deployed on the public cloud. Enterprises will be able to interoperate transparently between these two environments. This joint pilot has demonstrated the cloud-bursting exchange from a local private cloud (played by the Intel Cloud Builder facility) to the public cloud (played by the Telefonica Virtual Data Center public cloud service).

The next phase of activities are planned to illustrate the enforcement of infrastructure management policies across cloud service boundaries. Operational parameters such as power management policies will be deployed using Intel Trusted Execution Technology, Intel Node Manager and Intel Data Center Manager.



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