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Teradata Expands Integrated Analytics Portfolio

March 7, 2012 No Comments

SOURCE:  Teradata

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Based on increased customer demand for faster performance, a wider variety of business intelligence applications, and self-service analytics, Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the world’s leading analytic data solutions company, today announced the continued expansion of Teradata Integrated Analytics portfolio. The expansion includes a new partnership with Revolution Analytics, and new offers from existing analytic partners. The Teradata Integrated Analytics portfolio improves customers’ ability to make the best decision possible based on robust high-speed, in-database analytics platform.

“Traditional analytic platform vendors that offer a single “one-size-fits-all” solution to meet all intelligence needs across the organization do a disservice to businesses struggling to use data as a competitive asset in this tough economy,” said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs, Teradata. “Teradata is committed to superior solutions that allow customers to lead with competitive advantage.”

Teradata Integrated Analytics provides a broad spectrum of high-performance capabilities in a well-orchestrated environment enabling customers to leverage massive volumes of data, in a variety of formats, which moves at high velocity. Teradata offers customers the ability to leverage new data types, emerging analytic technologies, best-of-breed partner tools, and the integration of the leading analytics. This capability is powered by superior performance of Teradata’s in-database processing running on its proven purpose-built hardware platforms.

Teradata Integrated Analyti Teradata Expands Integrated Analytics Portfolio

The Teradata Integrated Analytics Portfolio offers customers a unique and robust set of components that simplifies analytics and support enterprise intelligence.

  1. Self-Service Analytics
    The recently introduced Teradata Data Lab software creates a self-service workspace within a production Teradata warehouse enabling businesses to rapidly explore and test new ideas and data to identify trends or immediately react to business conditions. The Teradata Data Lab empowers business users and leading analytic partners to start building new analytics in less than five minutes, as compared to waiting several weeks for the IT department’s assistance.

    “The Data Lab within the Teradata database provides the perfect foundation to enable self-service predictive analytics with KXEN InfiniteInsight,” said John Ball, chief executive officer, KXEN. “Teradata technologies, combined with KXEN’s automated modeling capabilities and in-database scoring, put the power of predictive analytics and data mining directly into the hands of business users. This powerful combination helps our joint customers accelerate insight by delivering top-quality models in orders of magnitude faster than traditional approaches.”

  2. The Latest in Open Source Emerging Software Technologies
    Teradata provides customers with two additional open source technologies – “R” technology from Revolution Analytics for analytics and GeoServer technology for spatial data offered by the OpenGeo organization – both of which are able to leverage the power of Teradata in-database processing for faster, smarter answers to business questions.

    In addition to the existing world-class analytic partners, Teradata supports the use of the evolving “R” technology, an open source language for statistical computing and graphics. “R” technology is gaining popularity with data scientists who are exploiting its new and innovative capabilities, which are not readily available. The enhanced “R add-on for Teradata” has a 50 percent performance improvement, it is easier to use, and its capabilities support large data analytics. Users can quickly profile, explore, and analyze larger quantities of data directly in the Teradata Database to deliver faster answers by leveraging embedded analytics.

    Teradata has partnered with Revolution Analytics, the leading commercial provider of “R” technology, because of customer interest in high-performing R applications that deliver superior performance for large-scale data. “Our innovative customers understand that big data analytics takes a smart approach to the entire infrastructure and we will enable them to differentiate their business in a cost-effective way,” said David Rich, chief executive officer, Revolution Analytics. “We are excited to partner with Teradata, because we see great affinity between Teradata and Revolution Analytics – we embrace parallel computing and the high performance offered by multi-core and multi-processor hardware.”

    The GeoServer geospatial solution connects the Teradata Database analytic engine to the major geospatial and visualization applications. The GeoServer universal connector simplifies visual analysis by combining location and business data to solve complex business problems. Within 45 minutes, one of the largest vehicle rental companies was able to develop a prototype application that combined business and location data to create a visual display of the fleet’s location and how driver incidents affect rental revenue. The enriched business intelligence was then used to improve business operations.

  3. Big Data Analytic Discovery for Data Scientists
    The new challenge that businesses face is how to best find value in emerging types of big data from various sources. Teradata helps data scientists and business users go beneath the surface to discover novel patterns that can be translated into high-value business insight. The data scientist, a new breed of analyst with an innate sense of curiosity, is able to build and leverage an advanced generation of analytic platforms that explore data in innovative ways. Teradata’s acquisition and integration of Aster Data has expanded Teradata’s offerings which empower the data scientist and analyst to gain new business insights.

    “Teradata’s suite of powerful capabilities is able to help data scientists drive insight that no other analytic platform provider can deliver,” said Tasso Argyros, co-president, Teradata Aster. “Data scientists, business users, and analytic software partners can leverage the patented Aster SQL-MapReduce technology. The powerful, integrated technologies enable and accelerate new analytics without overwhelming cost or complexity.”

    For example, one of Teradata’s media and entertainment customers was able to use sophisticated pattern matching capabilities on billions of ad impressions in near real-time to optimize marketing initiatives across all its media channels to better reach and influence customers’ buying habits.

  4. Best-of-Breed Partner Solutions
    Teradata’s Integrated Analytics Portfolio includes best-of-breed analytics partners. For example, SAS and Teradata continue to release integrated and optimized joint offerings for in-database analytics. Integrating superior analytics into Teradata for scoring and analysis delivers better business insights with game changing performance. SAS® High-Performance Analytics for Teradata adds ‘in-memory’ analytics to the portfolio. This joint offering is the only unified in-memory offering for high-end analytics that produces time-sensitive insights and is not constrained by data volumes. The combined power of in-database analytics processing and in-memory analytics development is a unique combination for our joint customers.

    “The synergy of Teradata’s analytic platform portfolio with SAS High-Performance Analytics helps organizations find value with sophisticated analytics, solving difficult problems that were previously thought to be unsolvable, and more importantly, in the time frame required by business to make better, more insightful decisions,” said Keith Collins, senior vice president and chief technology officer at SAS.

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