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The Best Big Data Platform Options for Your Business

October 26, 2017 No Comments

Featured article by Jeremy Sutter, Independent Technology Author

We live and learn, and in the world of big data, this learning is made evident in how companies use the best big data platform options today to improve their sales.

Companies that live and survive the competition wouldn’t probably be able to do so without the help of big data solutions. Without the help of the big data platforms in the market today, which both has its PROs and CONs, companies won’t be able to compete in the global marketplace. Online stores won’t be as successful in delivering products and services to the broadest audience in the world. Whether it’s a NoSQL database or a Spark processing engine or just a simple data warehouse big data solution, big data has something to do with it.

If you want to learn how the big data platforms today help a company improve its data catalog systems, then it would help you to read this article. Here are the most optimized and popular significant data platform options you can choose in this digital age.

1. Hadoop

One of the more popular platforms for any big data strategy is Hadoop, which once became a household term that many people associate with big data. It is still an important platform for marketers who want to build a marketing architecture that taps into a global market. The prominent data tech people use today has already expanded to many variations, but Hadoop remains to be a widely used platform. What makes Hadoop stand out is probably how it can replace all other platforms because it already has the features contained in others. Real-time analytics means wonders to any company, and with the help of Hadoop, this won’t be something that businesses will have a hard time doing.

2. Arcadia

One of the more popular platforms for big data analysis today is Arcadia Data, which has built-in systematic programs that allow companies to understand a large-scale modeling structure that helps enterprises to get the high level of insight with the help of a cubing engine that distributes information for corporations. It’s also good to know that marketers can use Arcadia Data as a first business intelligence software for companies to plot their marketing strategies with more responsive effects to the audience.

Some of the features in this platform include the absence of coding elements, and the ability to connect itself to various sources without the need for a lot of computer power. This platform is also able to do embeddability and customizing for companies’ multiple strategies.

3. Blue TalonI

It’s also one of the big companies’ options today to consider Blue Talon as their software and platform to market their services and products. This software is currently categorized as a Big Data-Centric Security platform, but it’s still able to offer the same features that a sturdy, reliable big data platform is expected to offer their clients. Some of this platform’s features include the ability to make use of Hadoop, SQL and other big data platforms in a synchronized set-up for the customer to have a better toolset for marketing and digital advertising.

4. Pachyderm

An overview of Pachyderm as a platform for big data will tell you that it has the kind of data storage and calculation skills that enables it to understand various big data sources in a global landscape. The architecture provides for companies also allows it to understand the needs of the customers and analyze them for a better view of the changes needed for a particular product to improve. With the clear historical graphs that this platform can provide, the use of big data will pay off in a company’s complete use of its platforms.


There are many significant data platforms you can pick today. The article above will hopefully enlighten you what big platforms to choose for your business. We hope you find great use for the article we wrote here.



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