The BPM-driven Future Is Closer than You Think

November 18, 2011 No Comments

Written by: E. Scott Menter, VP of Business Solutions for BP Logix

human vs robot 13 The BPM driven Future Is Closer than You Think

Good morning, Scott.

Good morning, CHELSEA. How are you this morning?

I am in perfect working order. I am ready to get to work.

Me too. What’s on my list today?

You have four items to approve: one expense report, one new hire requisition, and two capital expenditure requests. Would you like me to summarize them for you, or print them out for further review?

Print out the capex requests and summarize the others for me.

Very well.  Ted submitted an expense report in the amount of $2,134.57.  All expense items appear to be within company policy.

Thank you, CHELSEA.  Approved.

You’re welcome, Scott.  Francine submitted a new hire requisition for a Programmer III.  The requisition has already been approved by her direct supervisor.  Would you like more information?

No, thank you.  I was expecting this one.  Approved.

Very well.  I’ve noticed that recruitment for Programmer III positions is taking 25% longer than targeted.  As a result, the candidate is likely to start six business days later than planned.

OK. Please set up a meeting with the recruiter and Francine for this afternoon so we can discuss how to expedite the process.

Very well. Where would you like to have lunch today?

*              *              *

Science fiction?  Well, sure, maybe the ultra-friendly, context-aware, linguistically advanced interface of my Computerized HELp and SchEduling Assistant is still in the realm of Star Trek.  But a guy can dream, can’t he?

Still, the scenario isn’t altogether wishful thinking.  In fact, it illustrates some of the most valuable benefits of an advanced BPM solution:

  1. Aggregated tasks for expedited approval. Not only am I able to review all my tasks in one place, I can extract precisely the level of detail I need to make my decision, no more and no less.
  2. Context-specific data validation. CHELSEA was able to determine that Ted’s expense report was within company policy, saving me the trouble of examining each line item.
  3. Decision support. Before approving the new hire requisition, I was able to get key information: the job category for the position, and the previous approval by a supervisor.
  4. Time and prediction. A modern BPM solution will not only automate your processes, but help you improve them as well. A truly advanced solution will be able to use its experience running your process to predict what is likely to happen in any given instance.

Not every BPM solution will have all of these features, but they are well worth looking for.  Maybe your BPM software can’t have a pleasant chat with you when you arrive at the office, but at a minimum it should be doing all it can to make your job easier.  Who knows—maybe that will open up some time to have conversations with your living, breathing co-workers.  Or to surf over to Hulu and watch Star Trek.


Scott Menter The BPM driven Future Is Closer than You ThinkE. Scott Menter is the VP of Business Solutions for BP Logix, a provider of business process management (BPM) solutions to corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Scott is the former head of technology for WaMu Investments, a national retail brokerage. In addition to technology leadership positions he held in financial services and higher education, Scott spent over a decade leading his own identity management software firm. Scott invites you to contact him at or on Twitter at

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