The CRM 2011 Watchlist Part VI(FINAL)

January 17, 2011 No Comments

The Winners: SI/Consulting

A beast of a different type, yes? I’m not trying to compare technology vendors to consulting companies or systems integrators. My standards for them were quite different. For example, their actual technology offering wasn’t all that meaningful since the vast majority of them offer frameworks and methodologies enhanced by technologies made by other companies. Thus, what becomes important, at least in my assessment of these firms, is their alliances and how smart the mix of partners is and what the partners think of them. Additionally, to these firms, putting practical spin on thought leadership is hugely important. Not only do they need to turn out the strategic thinking and do the research, but they need to be quite tactical and show their plan to execute when it comes to the thinking.  That’s why 3 of the 4 winners have a specific Social CRM practice or sub-practice.  That weighed heavily in my decisions.

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