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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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The Dell SE2417HG Is A Wonderful Gaming Monitor Well Within Your Budget

May 15, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Jenny Pattison, Independent Technology Author

Dell has been producing computing devices consistently for decades. While some manufacturers have had to bow out or rebrand, Dell managed to stay afloat by staying innovative and diversifying the product line up over the years. Today, they still remain as one the largest American technology firms offering a wide range of business and consumer devices around the world. Looking for a gaming pc? Dell has one. A laptop or monitor? Dell has one for every budget.

Looking for a budget gaming monitor that has all the bells and whistles for smooth 1080p gameplay? The Dell SE2417HG is a decent yet pocket-friendly gaming monitor that can deliver an enjoyable desktop gaming experience. You can compare it with other gaming monitors on Big manufacturers like Dell tend to cheap out when it comes to budget monitors like this one but we are glad that dell SE2417HG is well kitted and has a solid build quality that screams durability out of the box.

Our First Look at The Dell SE2417HG gaming monitor

Here is our first look at the Dell SE2417HG gaming monitor. You can also read our full dell se2417hg review. We recommend it for casual gamers or those on a tight budget looking for a decent gaming monitor they can use with their pc or gaming console.

6 Things We Look Out for in A Gaming Monitor

There are six basic features we look at when recommending a gaming monitor at https. We put the Dell SE2417HG gaming monitor to the test and here are our conclusions:

Resolution– Higher resolutions equal better graphics. Resolution refers to pixel density. We recommend a minimum resolution of 1080p for modern gaming on the pc and consoles. Anything lower than that is not good for gaming. The Dell SE2417HG has a Full HD (1080p) 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Response Time-The lower the response time the smoother the gameplay. This is especially important if you like to play fast-paced FPS and RTS titles. Panels usually display stuff by switching individual pixels between white, black, and different shades of grey. Response times are measured in milliseconds, and we recommend a minimum of 3ms for a gaming monitor. The Dell SE2417HG gaming monitor has 2ms response time-decent, huh?

Display technology- There are two main display technologies out there i.e. IPS and TN. IPS (in plane switching) is a display technology used in glossy, picture cantered displays. They are favoured by graphic designers and those who watch a lot of HD content. They may have a superior picture quality but tend to have slower response times and refresh rates.

TN panels (twisted nematic) are more suited for gaming as they have better response times and faster refresh rates. The Dell SE2417HG is equipped with a 23-inch TN panel and passes this test. So far so good, huh!

Refresh Rates– This is one of the hottest topics when it comes to gaming monitors. We are sure you’ve heard gamers bragging about their awesome 144Hz gaming monitors. That said, refresh rates are heavily dependent on the graphics card on the main pc or console.

Refresh rates determine how many frames your panel can display in a second. Low refresh rates mean super-slow graphics. Ever tried playing a modern game on an old pc? Noticed how you press a button and have to wait a few seconds before you see the effect on the screen? That my friend is the super-slow refresh rate not keeping up with the demands of your game.

We recommend a minimum of 60 Hz refresh rates for gaming monitors. You can play pretty much any modern game at 1080p smoothly with a 60HZ panel if you have a graphics card to match. Luckily the Dell SE2417HG has a 60HZ refresh rate. Phew!

Ports– Ports are very important for a gaming monitor. It’s the way you interface with your pc or console. You can differentiate between a normal monitor and a gaming monitor by looking at the port selection. A decent gaming monitor should have at least 1 HDMI input. Display ports are awesome, so are USB C ports but good luck finding those in a budget gaming monitor. The Dell SE2417HG comes with not one but two HDMI ports and VGA ports. Good enough for us at this price point.

Free Sync or G-Sync– You can go for either of the two depending on your graphics card. AMD users need Adaptive sync while the NVIDIA crowd needs G-sync. These technologies baked into gaming monitors to synchronize vertical refresh rates with the frame rates of the graphics card to eliminate tearing. Sadly, the Dell SE2417HG doesn’t seem to have either but no worries you will still enjoy smooth gameplay at 60HZ anyway. These technologies tend to kick in high-end monitors with high refresh rates and 1440p or higher resolutions.

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