The Four Myths of Business‐IT Collaboration in BPMS

June 2, 2011 No Comments

  logo The Four Myths of Business‐IT Collaboration in BPMS      

Featured white paper by Active Endpoints

Model-driven development is a necessity for business agility, and model-driven development requires business-IT collaboration.

So, what’s the solution to enabling business-IT collaboration and creating more agile business processes? There are a few aspects to this, the first of which is having a baseline functionality in your BPMS that allows for a shared model between business and IT, with different views, or perspectives, showing different information to each.

There also needs to be some way to enable discussion around the required functionality, so that the requirements can be at least partly specified by the business analyst directly at each step in the process flow, or in a closely-integrated collaboration tool.

Read this white paper to learn about the myths that exist and tools that are needed to improve your business IT collaboration in BPMS.

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