The Secret to Cloud Success Is Actually a Secret

May 5, 2011 No Comments

There are way more cloud success stories out there than you realize. You won’t read about them, because some consultant gave his word not to reveal the details, or perhaps he signed an NDA. That said, I can state that cloud computing is having huge amounts of success out there, but you would not know it because those who are successful with the cloud are not talking.

Why the radio silence? Well, if you’ve been able to reduce your IT costs by 30 percent to 40 percent by moving to AWS, that’s something you don’t want your competition to know about. Moreover, many of the cloud solutions are unique and innovative, and many of the enterprises that created them consider that to be strategic IP.

This lack of bragging is driving a lot of those in the world of cloud computing batty, mostly the cloud computing providers who would love to publish the success stories. As one company explained to me, it was like finding gold in your backyard and keeping it to yourself so your neighbors would not start digging before you got it all off the ground.

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