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The Ultimate IT Survival Guide: Surviving Impossible Situations

November 29, 2016 No Comments

Featured article by Nancy Van Elsacker, TOPdesk

Ever watch one of your favorite action movies and wonder how its stars could possibly do all that? Is it possible to jump from a moving car, for example, and survive, let alone get up and run wildly away? Or, do you get the heebie-jeebies when, near the climax of the movie Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Jack, is handcuffed to a pole and you wonder how you would get yourself out of a similar situation?

Perhaps you’ve wondered from time to time if you’d be able to pull a Jason Bourne-style move as he runs stealthy from a pursuer from rooftop to rooftop in one of the hit films.

Maybe, too, you’ve wondered like I have, what it might take to survive an avalanche or how to get out of quicksand; or how to fend off a too-curious shark; or how to take a punch or kick down a door with ease and bravado.

Are any of these things possible? Of course, all of these things are possible, and quite simple to do! But why would you need to know how to escape any of these situations, and are these problems really so common that an IT firm needed to produce an actual survival guide to teach anyone who reads it how to address these problems.

The world can be a scary place with many, many dangerous situations, threats waiting for us in every corner and we need to be careful. Likewise, working in IT is no walk in the park either. IT leaders do more than sit in front of their screens. These heroes spend their time fixing problems and improving other’s lives, but more importantly, these folks often need to be special agents, psychologists and even teachers all at once. Perhaps the best description for these folks is that they are “tech-savvy Indiana Joneses.”

Thus, since IT team members never know where their daily adventures will take them, TOPdesk developed this guidebook to provide some great tips on how to survive some of the really dangerous and tough situations that they may encounter at some point in their work and lives.

In the pages of the IT survival guide, you’ll find simple survival strategies covering the following:

•        How to kick down a door

•        How to escape from handcuffs

•        How to jump from rooftop to rooftop

•        How to survive an avalanche

•        How to get out of quicksand

•        How to jump from a moving car

•        How to fend off a shark

•        How to cross a river full of piranhas

•        How to lose someone following you

•        How to take a punch

With a bit of good luck, the previous challenges won’t need to be faced, and you won’t have to make use of these strategies. Nevertheless, the guide should be able to help IT teams (and anyone who reads them) improve their services and their customer’s experience, too.

Perhaps the TOPdesk guide will provide a little peace of mind to all who read it; perhaps not. Nevertheless, the information contained herein might make it easier to understand how your favorite movie action stars can really do that, and how you can too.

TOPdesk, a global IT service management software company, produced the guide, “Survival Kit for Impossible Situations.” It can be found here:

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