Three tips for choosing a secure data recovery provider

June 29, 2012 No Comments

By: Todd Johnson, vice president of operations, Kroll Ontrack

  1. Do your homework. Don’t assume every data recovery provider is trustworthy or authorized to handle highly sensitive information. Make sure they adhere to the latest U.S. government protocols to protect yourself and your most valuable data assets. They should have a comprehensive Information/Data Security Policy in place that covers all access control, data handling and data security protocols/standards. The provider should also have ISO-5/Class 100 cleanroom environments to safely open, repair and recover your data.
  2. Passwords may not always protect. No technology is completely safe from compromise and it’s dangerous to assume that hidden or deleted information can’t be recovered. Choose a data recovery provider that can ensure the safety of your sensitive information, and always returns it in an encrypted format. Your data recovery provider should have formal protocols and procedures in place to ensure the security of your personal information.
  3. Know where your data is and who is handling it. Data loss is a headache; the last thing you need to worry about is where your data is going and if your enterprise will get it back. An expert provider understands the urgency of rapidly responding to all data loss incidences and gives you a deep understanding of where your data is and where it’s going. It is also important to be confident in the people who will be handling your data. Ensure that the provider performs thorough employee background checks and utilizes strict physical security measures such as 24/7 monitoring by security cameras and personnel.

By following these simple steps, successful and secure data recovery is possible. Never give up hope!

t johnson right2008 Three tips for choosing a secure data recovery providerAuthor: Todd Johnson, vice president of operations, Kroll Ontrack

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