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TinderBox Enhances Integration with Leading CRM Provider

June 13, 2013 No Comments

SOURCE: TinderBox

(Indianapolis, Ind. – June 12, 2013) – TinderBox, the leading web-based solution for streamlining presentation, proposal, and contract processes, announces its enhanced integration with the world’s leading CRM software provider to offer greater flexibility and collaboration for clients. The integration allows TinderBox to offer more visibility to the sales process through prospect engagement with proposals and contracts.

With TinderBox, users track real-time prospect activity on sales documents via visual analytics, collaborate internally and externally on content through redlining, and continuously refine key messaging, while improving brand consistency. TinderBox increases sales efficiency and accelerates customer acquisition; and, with the new integration, TinderBox now provides more collaboration through Chatter and flexibility for enterprise business-to-business clients to utilize data that is important to their organization.

TinderBox’s integration improves internal collaboration on sales documents with prospect engagement data pushed to Chatter. TinderBox also connects with any object in, allowing users to leverage data to drive more relevant content in dynamic documents. Clients can quickly include information from any field in their presentations, proposals, or contracts. Additionally, clients can capture more data and track the status of the sale. TinderBox will update any CRM fields based on proposal or contract activity, as defined by the user.

TinderBox offers Professional and Enterprise software editions that include all components of the integration. TinderBox clients collaborate more effectively, create sales documents more efficiently, and leverage more data with TinderBox’s enhanced CRM integration.

“We are proud and excited to deepen our integration – we believe this gives our users the best experience,” said Dustin Sapp, President and co-founder of TinderBox. “The upgrade increases the ease-of-use and offers more flexibility for our customers to leverage their data. Our goal is to make their sales processes as optimized and efficient as possible, increasing customer acquisitions and accelerating the time to close.”

To learn more about TinderBox’s features, visit

About TinderBox

TinderBox is a web-based solution that makes it easy for sales and marketing teams to streamline their presentation, proposal, and contract processes. With TinderBox, you can create and collaborate on sales content, track real-time prospect activity, and refine your most effective content, while maintaining brand consistency. TinderBox clients close more deals faster, impacting long-term revenue growth. To learn more about TinderBox, visit, or follow on Twitter at @GetTinderBox.


Media Contact:

Meghan Matheny

BLASTmedia for TinderBox

317.806.1900 Ext. 115


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