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Tips & Tricks to Pass CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam with PrepAway Practice Tests

October 30, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Helen Parker, Independent Technology Author

CompTIA Security+ certification is the universally recognized cert which is valuable for IT admins to acquire fundamental IT security skills. This certification works favorably for the candidates to crack a job in small to big companies with decent pay across the globe. With this certification, the candidate would get the license of a certified security professional and would learn how to mitigate security risks. This certification gives an individual the ability to detect risks, perform risk assessment and combat against risks on networks, security devices, and applications. It is easy for the candidates with networking experience to crack the practice test.

Register for CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Practice test

If you are planning to take CompTIA Security+ certification, then you must know the procedure to register for this practice test. Here are the steps that you need to follow to register for this practice test:

1. A Visit CompTIA marketplace where you can find the voucher for the cert you choose. Once you buy the voucher, you would get a voucher code. This voucher code will expire in 12 months. Before the voucher code expires, you need to sign up to register for practice test.

2. CompTIA is conducted by Pearson VUE. Create an account on the Pearson VUE website to schedule the practice test date. You have the flexibility to choose the practice test date as per your convenience. After choosing the scheduled date, choose the certification practice test followed by the location where you would like to give the test and then lock the practice test date.

Note: It’s not really important to purchase the voucher from CompTIA marketplace. You can directly register for practice test and pay the fee online.

Overview of CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Practice test

This practice test will gauge the knowledge and security skills of a candidate that is required for them to take up security jobs in organizations. Any candidate with this certification would be preferred by the potential employers. This certification is valid across the globe. So, whichever part of the globe you go, this certification will help you secure a job in big companies. This certification will certify that the candidate has sound knowledge and security skills to take up an entry or middle level IT administrator jobs. candidates with this certification would be permitted to install and configure security networks, devices, and security applications. Also, they would mitigate security threats by adhering to the laws and regulations. The candidate will perform all the security-related tasks by maintaining integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

Fee for CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Practice test

The application process for this practice test remains the same. The cost of the practice test fee would be $320. However, in the US, you can get discounts by redeeming the voucher code. After redemption, you would need to pay $296. You can schedule the practice test at your preferred date and time.

Basic practice test details

* Certification: CompTIA Security+
* Test name: CompTIA Security+ SY0-501
* Code of practice test: SY0-501
* Number of questions: 90 questions
* Time period: 90 minutes
* Format of the test paper: Multiple choices
* Test center: Pearson VUE Testing Center
* Pass score: 750 on the scale of 900
* Language in which exam is conducted: English, Portuguese and Japanese.

Target audience to take this practice test

This is for the IT professionals and the persons who want to boost their career graph in Security. This practice test is conducted to assess the security skills of a candidate. The questions in practice test will evaluate the knowledge of the candidate on the latest security trends, technologies, and tools.

This practice test is taken by IT administrators who would like to validate their skills through this certification.

This certification is valid and respected by global organizations.

General Practice test Question Topics

* Tools and Technologies
* Risk management
* Security vulnerabilities and attacks
* Cryptography
* Identity management
* Architecture

Tips to pass the practice test in the first attempt

- Stringent and comprehensive training: You will find many books to study this practice test. You need to do thorough research to find the best book that would support you to clear it. In addition to studying for practice test, you also need to watch the videos. While viewing the videos, note down the important points which may help you to reply the queries while giving the practice tests.

- Practice, Practice, and Practice: Though, this is not a practical practice test, but you also need practical knowledge to reply the questions. A few topics in the curriculum of the practice test should be practiced rigorously to answer them. When you practice, you do not forget those topics. It is really fun to keep practicing and adding more knowledge day by day about IT security.

- Read study guide: Video training will not help you to crack it. You also need to study the theory part to gain sound knowledge about the network security and risk management concepts to answer the related questions precisely in the practice test.

- Without practice, you cannot receive the certification. When you’re ready to give the exam, take practice tests. This boosts your confidence level in passing the final exam.

Who prepares CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Practice test Paper?

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 test paper is prepared by the Subject Matter Experts who have sound knowledge on the subject. However, when you do the practice papers of this exam, you can gain confidence and overcome the practice test pressure. This way you can self-assess yourself and get acquainted with the security concepts.


CompTIA Security+ certification is an entry-level IT security certification practice test that is valid across the globe. This exam would measure the knowledge of the person on handling threats, vulnerabilities and attacks on network, devices, and applications. The candidate who pass this exam would be capable enough to solve all kinds of IT security related problems.



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