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Top 10 Free Website Creators for Beginners

September 11, 2017 No Comments

Featured article by Alex Levitov, Independent Technology Author

Gone are the days when personal websites were accessibly only to large household-name brands. Nowadays, professionals like graphic designers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, graphic designers, small business owners, and industry experts, can all experience the benefits of having their own web page. You might be wondering, is this really necessary? The answer is a resounding yes! When beginners have their own website, it enables them to solidify a digital footprint. Even a basicsite can prove invaluable later on for building awareness, gaining new leads, increasing traffic, and generating sales. What’s more, you can build your own website in a few hours free of cost. The problem is, there are so many easy free site builders available that newbies often have a difficult time choosing the right one. However, we can help you pick a free easy website builder that meets all your requirements. Just have a look at the top ten website builders below:

Wix 300x193 Top 10 Free Website Creators for Beginners

Ask any industry veteran about the simplest free website builder, and they’ll immediately point to Wix. With more than a decades’ worth of experience, Wix has grown exponentially, mainly due to positive word-of-mouth. Under the free plan, you can use the service to build your personal website using their tools. Your website will be hosted by their servers, and you can access it only through Wix’s admin panel.

The interface wins points due to its sensitivity and simplicity. Designing your website is as easy as dragging and dropping the elements anywhere on the site.

You get access to numerous themes and designs for your website, all of which look quite sleek and modern. Wix is reputed for having excellent customer support.


weebly 300x161 Top 10 Free Website Creators for Beginners

One of the quickest growing web builder services, Weebly offers hosting for every website built on their platform. These sites load rapidly and you can optimize them for personal hosting. Security against spam and hackers is not a problem with Weebly, thanks to the installation and maintenance of SSL throughout the whole website. In the end, you find yourself with an easy to manage website that has no issues with backups, speed, security etc.

The best part about Weebly is that it’s entirely free without any expiration. Also, you do not have to write any CSS or HTML code for creating your website. All it takes is for you to drag and drop the elements as you prefer. Weebly also lets you access a custom CSS module, the template of which you can edit to whatever you choose.


When it comes to ease of use, WebNode ranks quite high. It boasts of numerous features and takes users less than five minutes to launch. This platform supports more than 20 languages, and is ideal for small businesses and individuals. The reason people choose WebNode is its stability. This platform provides a stable platform that supports different website requirements and styles.

The user interface of this platform is quite easy to use. You can not only do CSS and HTML coding, but also support strong search optimization. There are many media and images that you can add to your templates, while you can change the overall look by selecting the right template from amongst hundreds.


Jimdo promises to make website creation easy for its users. And judging from the fact that more than 20 million websites are built using this program, it seems they’ve succeeded. The well-planned features like the online store of this free site builder add to its usefulness, and make it indispensable to people who want a website but lack any knowledge. The Jimdo team prides itself of keeping everything simple and clean without too many complications, even while adding new features.

The editor fits the needs of amateurs perfectly. Editing and adding elements can be completed with just a few clicks. The style menu lets you change colors or font size throughout the entire website. This helps you save time and makes the editing process less complicated.

This website builder excels at optimizing your site for search engines. You can exert complete control over the various page elements, including page description, URL, and title.


Established around the year 2001, Webs has enjoyed unabated popularity over the years, which is impressive given how many new contenders have shown up. Still, Webs remains a choice website builder for entrepreneurs and small business. The tools that Webs offers are geared towards setting up your personal business site. What’s interesting is that this service currently powers more than 55 million websites, which should give you about the quality of this website builder.

IM Creator

Website creators often forego the visual aspects in favor of something more functional. This results in functional but “safe” looking websites. However, with IM Creator you have a chance at creating stunning, image-rich websites. This website builder allows you to create a professional-looking, lean website quickly without any complexity. You do not need to be a pro for handling the website building process. There are more than 70 beautiful templates that you can select for your website. You can even use your own design ideas.

One of the major benefits of using IM Creator is pre-populated templates with sample content. This means you pick out a fully-formed webpage and replace the colors, content and images to make it your own. The editor gives you the freedom to add new sections to your web pages so you can build or customize the existing template, and retool it according to your specifications.


Any website you imagine can become a reality thanks to WebStarts which provides users with a blank slate. A few simple clicks of the button are all it takes to change the fonts and styles of your page, use drag-and-drop functionality, and adding clean, intuitive home page icons. If you’re in a rush and need a solid website built in a short amount of time, this is your best bet.

WebStarts is a great opportunity for small business owners to set up an online business without spending anything. The ecommerce capabilities of this tool enable you to sell products easily.

You can get your new website up and running within a day.

What makes this platform unique is the fact that you’re able to edit every element in real time. You can simply access the dashboard and edit what you want on the page. Thus, is used for building simple but dynamic websites, perfect for launching your web assets. All you require is a strong Internet connection since using the tools takes up a good chunk of data. offers you a free domain name along with SEO tools, which improve the search engine rankings and traffic of your site. Edits are completed in one click while installations are near-instant. Another great advantage of this platform is the drag-and-drop feature.


Every budding businessman requires a personal website, and you can have yours too with Sitey. This amazing free HTML5 web builder helps you set up a responsive, professional website with drag-and-drop features. Numerous tools enable personalization while the editor increases the functionality and appeal of the platform. Beginners will find this interface quite easy to use and flexible. Sitey lets you create your own store, portfolio, or blog. There are other benefits like unlimited bandwidth, round-the-clock customer support, and additional storage space that enhance your experience.


An industry staple for 15 long years, SITE123 makes website creation a fun and enjoyable process. You can customize each aspect to fit your requirements. It’s just a matter of selecting the right template, editing it, and then publishing it online. Your websites will be compatible with different screen resolutions and can bring a respectable SEO rating. Take professional images and fonts from the library and add exciting visual elements to your website without the fear of copyright problems.

Website builders are now dime-a-dozen on the Internet, making it extremely hard for users to pick a good one – one that meets their requirements and helps them finish building a great website. However, the ones listed here are the cream of the crop and you will certainly find something here that fulfills your needs.





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