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Top 10 Salesforce Tips to Make the Things Simpler

March 23, 2017 No Comments

Featured blog by Simon Richards, Independent Technology Author

Enhancing a cloud powered business requires more than just giving our people to access new systems. Based on this the important application like Salesforce is too central to our bottom line Business benefits. There is separate Salesforce admin certification program where you can learn from A-Z tips of Salesforce.

There are 10 best practices based on talking and working with clients lets discuss as below in detailed.

10: Make the home page a “One Stop Shop”

It is very simple and easy to use. Commonly used information and dashboards on the initial screen have to maintained because to help the drive adoption.

After conducting interviews at a client in the entertainment vertical we defined a list of items to put on the Salesforce desktop. We can transfer custom links to portalsby using single

Sign on, to provide users with one click access and we have following key points:

* User customizable news feed
* Analytics(Visual force embedded)
* Marketing Calendar
* Upcoming training

9: Foster collaboration by using Salesforce social tools

Develop the use of charter to crowd source ideas and solutions. Searchable feed allows us to capture the valuable knowledge.If someone doesn’t who the correct person to contact is its likely someone on charter will. One main thing we come to on charter –everyone will want to listen in to make sure they aren’t missing anything and have to crosscheck point-to-point.

When a customer has a tough challenge and we need answers quickly, So we use to ask charter make a question across our organization.

8: Support a multidevice mobile strategy

Recent surveys indicate 65% of workers say their mobile device is the most critical device and it is a significant increase over 13% who said so in 2011.

Salesforce mobile gives users access their SFDC information with or without wireless coverage. In salesforce at this website, reps travel exclusively with ipads leaving their laptops at home.

To contact a Salesforce, our mobile will automatically prompt us to “Log the call. At anywhere, SDFC is based on our fingerprints. You will find it in Salesforce admin certification program.

7: Implement a user adoption & training strategy

Regular training have to be maintained by engaging users and also promotes standardized

Processes it mean everyone is using the tool in same way.So it makesfor new hires to ramp up and begin product.

Working with Plato Learning’s (Edmentum)CRM team, develop a training strategy and materials that allows new employees to work effectively.

6: Strive for continuous improvement

Set up a periodic assessments to reexamine and realign the application with our business strategy by keeping application fresh can help to reduce the maintenance costs.

Developing a group of power users from each area of business has been started at one client.The group meets quarterly to document and share their needs within the business.

New projects are aligned with the help of these group and leadership and system administrator reviews and communicates key opportunities. At a minimum, minor improvements or trainings are being introduced on a quarterly basis.

Making improvements to the system provides business growth.

5: Audit your Salesforce organization against new functionality

Installations have to check when new releases occur. New functionality reduces the need for customizations and accelerates potential improvements.

The addition of rollup summary fields was big for many of our clients because it allowed information from related lists to be summed up on the master record. Dashboard filters the example of a little change that made a big impact.

4: Use automation capabilities to reduce manual effort

Save time and allow users to focus on activities that matter most.Eliminating manual data entry reduces costly errors.Sales management now has an accurate view of the renewal pipeline they didn’t before.

3: Bring other functional groups onto the platform

By improving the collaboration between related groups who can share the related data. Eliminate redundant software systems or reduce the maintenance costs.

2: Enrich and improve your data

Augmenting data can lead to identifying new opportunities and reducing reporting issues.

Mostly it can reduce forecasting errors to manufacture more or less product than actually need.

1: Integrate salesforce with key systems

Improve end-to-end processes and reduce errors by eliminating manual data sharing. We can push ERP data directly onto our sales team mobile device, making customer calls effective.

Another benefit is to eliminate chance of people importing data into Salesforce.

Author Bio:

Simon Richards is expert in writing articles on salesforce career and salesforce admin certification program. He also likes travelling when not writing articles.



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