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Top Three Solution Models Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) Offers

August 27, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Peter McAllister, Marketing Enthusiast and Independent Technology Author

Security 150x150 Top Three Solution Models Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) Offers

Any type of data which touches your business’s network is a potential threat. In the corporate world, networks are extremely vulnerable because of the immense quantity of data transfers. This is why Cisco has designed a next-generation security program to filter out and protect your network against threat vectors.

What is Cisco ISE?

Cisco ISE is a platform developed to enforce policy and access control for your network. It helps companies integrate infrastructure security, enforce compliance and simplify their services operations. You can collect real-time data from network devices (NADs), devices and users (Endpoints) which will help your network administrator make strategic decisions.

To learn how to install Cisco ISE certificates you can check the comprehensive details provided by Network Pro Guide.

Securing Access Across the Entire Network a.k.a. Corporate Access Control

Corporate access control has surpassed the simple username and password login requirements and additional attributes are used in granting access passes.

To create a secure network environment, Cisco has built its ISE products architecture based on Network Access Control (NAC). With Cisco ISE you can gain immediate visibility over the entire network and manage policies on devices and users of your corporate network. One of the targets for NAC solutions is to control access to the enterprise network through profiling and visibility. You can enforce policies for all operations without needing additional systems. You’ll be able to recognize and profile the users and devices and prevent malicious software uploads to your network. However, these policies also extend towards devices which operate without a defined user, such as IP phones, security cameras or printers.

Managing Guest or Non-Corporate Access Control

Through Cisco ISE you can manage non-corporate access to your network through a self-service portal which is easily customizable. The portal includes guest registration, authentication, sponsoring and management platform. Guest access control is based on the BYOD program and enforces control policies over devices belonging to visitors, vendors, contractors, clients. Through the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client system, Cisco provides remote network access to guest users while protecting your sensitive corporate data.

Device Administration

Network devices such as a switch or router are AAA (authentication, authorization, and accounting) clients through which AAA service requests are transmitted to Cisco ISE. To streamline communication and access you should establish the network devices for Cisco ISE to interact with. Network devices can be configured for RADIUS AAA, SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to allow profiling services to receive Cisco Discovery Protocol and Link Layer Discovery Protocol attributes, as well as Trustsec attributes. If a network device is not defined in Cisco ISE it cannot receive AAA services.

Cisco ISE provides a unique platform which streamlines all user and device authentication which is crucial for your corporate enterprise security.

Build your enterprise network policies with Cisco ISE and contain all network threats.

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