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Trending IT Solutions That are Changing the Way We Do Business Online

September 4, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Vladimir Ilic, Independent Technology Author

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Today, the tech you use to get your business going greatly determines the rate of your success. If you know how to harness the power of technology and automation to work to your advantage, you’ll easily outperform your competitors.

So, if you’re about to launch your business and you’re looking for the trending IT solutions that might help you achieve your business goals, you’re in the right place. We’ll introduce a few IT solutions that could change the way you do things. Since everyone is online today, doing business online has become the norm.

The Internet has become a world market for all industries, just perfect for improving your marketing and sales. That’s exactly why IT solutions matter so much in the modern business environment. They directly determine how many people you’ll reach and in what way.

If you want to dominate the online markets, you have to work smart rather than hard and technology can help you do it. Innovative technology like automation software might mean the difference between failure and success.

Artificial intelligence bots, virtual and augmented reality are the advanced tools that’ll help you boost communication with prospects and clients, as well as your internal creativity and productivity.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Even though it’s 2018, people still think about video games when they hear the words virtual reality. Well, maybe it was only that in the beginning but today, virtual reality is a tool that helps many enterprises achieve their business goals. In fact, these enterprises value VR so much that they’re willingly investing in this technology.

Even though augmented and virtual reality is essentially different, it’s those exact differences that allow greater customization, communication, and collaboration between customers and businesses. If you’re selling a certain product, your customers can see and even try those products in a virtual and augmented reality environment without having to go to the store themselves.

Many industries are already accepting this concept, including manufacturing, architecture, and healthcare. Both realities help to maintain a better relationship with your customers, which is the most important thing today. Now, this is the interesting part.

After you give your customers all these possibilities, you can build free chatbots to engage your customers even more by asking them if they’re satisfied with the customer service and your products. The data you collect from such inquiries will show you the right approach you need to take to provide your consumers with the ultimate user and customer experience.

You can use the chatbots to ask your customers not just about your products but everything else: your website, payment methods, what they think could be improved, and so on. More or less, your possibilities are endless.

 Trending IT Solutions That are Changing the Way We Do Business Online

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots Will Efficiently Enhance Your Online Business

Online business is about effectiveness, efficacy, speed, customer service, and user experience. If your customers have problems with your online services, it’s more likely that they’ll get frustrated and lose interest. You’ll lose your customers over to competitors because of that. Well, no need to worry because this is exactly what you can fix by using artificial intelligence chatbots.

Now, artificial intelligence has enhanced chatbots and many other software tools that use the most advanced technology to fully cover your online business needs. Data collection and analysis, providing customers with all the information they need when they need it, these are just a few things that chatbots can do for you.

The truth is, chatbots can help elevate the customer and user experience, improve the way your business runs and competes and, if used wisely and properly, revolutionize your online business.

In the very words of the owners and founders of, the best chatbot platform, Avi Ben Ezra and Henri Ben Ezra: ”Chatbots were meant to help businesses boost their online presence, reach wider audiences properly and give them a useful tool that will help them to develop, grow, and prosper”.

Chatbots as Your Personal Assistants

The most important thing about chatbots is that they are always ready to assist. Since they are up and ready 24/7, you can easily serve numerous customers at the same time, giving them what they need in a timely manner. It’s absolutely unnecessary to even mention how much this can help your online business. First of all, you can build your own free chatbots and program them to do whatever you want them to do.

They can send and receive emails, cancel, edit and schedule events, send alerts anytime it’s needed, and much more. Chatbots can not only serve your customers in terms of sales and customer service, but they can also gather feedback and analyze the data to further customize and personalize your customer approach.

Business Processes Automation

Using the process of automation, your chatbots will always be at disposal to your customers, making sure they always get what they want, when they want it. These smart artificial intelligence bots are extremely successful at multitasking, saving time, money, resources and efforts that you can use for much better purposes.

Aside from marketing automation processes and various other advanced tools, chatbots are the most efficient way to keep track of your customer and user experience, as well as all business processes at the same time. The sole fact that you can build your own army of chatbots to aid your online business endeavors already sounds amazing and that’s exactly why chatbots revolutionized the way organizations do business online.

They didn’t just change the business world, they changed the world at large. Use the best chatbot platform,, to build different chatbots for free and dominate online markets with the changing of the tide.

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