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Unleash the Power of Global Content

November 13, 2015 No Comments

Featured article by Rob Vandenberg, President and CEO of Lingotek

globe 300x170 Unleash the Power of Global Content Your business depends on pushing accurate and dynamic content to its global audience–at the snap of a finger. In today’s world, it is possible to break through barriers, rapidly enter new markets, and transform your global aspirations.

Traditional translation processes are hurting your business. If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely felt the pain of a manual translation process, which can slow and even derail brilliant marketing campaigns, global web content, and in-office productivity and creativity. Chances are you’ve felt that pain within the last week.

For almost two decades, FTP transfers and email have been the end-all management technique of the translation game. The problem is this technique is slow, messy, error-prone, and lacks collaboration. Not to mention, it’s expensive. Manual translation processes simply cannot keep pace with the demands of customers and markets who live in a mobile world with dynamic content and campaigns.

If your business is going to live and even thrive today and in the future, you need to bring your translation process into the 21st century and power up with a full-scale, cloud-based translation solution.

The Right Solution for Today’s Business

Cloud translation solutions should be more than just tools to translate your content. Sure they use linguists, computer-assisted translation, and translation memory to convert source language into target language, but that’s only a part of what they do.

The right solution can automate everything in the translation process! Continuous translation in native applications, customizable workflows, real-time project management, collaborative in-context review, and push-button publishing–you name it, the right solution will do it. A great translation solution takes a traditionally painful and expensive process and streamlines it to save your business a whole lot of time, money, and headache.

Manual labor in digital media slows productivity and diminishes creativity. Sending files via FTP, communicating via email, and copy & pasting content from a translation agency into a CMS creates unnecessary detours and delays throughout the project. Great marketers know that time is of the essence and don’t want to be hindered by their translation solution.

A great cloud translation solution:

- Allows PMs to distribute source content to translators with a push of a button

- Allows translators to work inside the source content’s native application

- Allows PMs and translators to collaborate continuously

- Allows PMs to monitor the project in real time

- Allows PMs to perform in-context review without ever leaving their CMS

- Integrates deeply and seamlessly with many enterprise solutions

- Utilizes translation memory to quickly and accurately reproduce frequently used content

- Has the ability to publish more than 100 languages simultaneously

What a Great Cloud Translation Solution Means for the Bottom Line

Money is king. If something that is slow, ineffective, expensive, and error-prone can be replaced with a streamlined, effective, and automated solution that drives your brand to the global market, then the choice is simple. The right translation solution in the cloud can deliver projects 55-80 percent faster than the traditional method of FTPs, emails, and copy & pasting—meaning you can release your products and content to your global audience in at least half the time. That’s huge savings, and a potentially massive opportunity to globalize your brand.

Rob Vandenberg Unleash the Power of Global Content

Rob Vandenberg, President and CEO of Lingotek | The Translation Network

As President and CEO of Lingotek, Rob is driving the vision of a company that is looking to change the future of translation.

Prior to being named president of Lingotek in 2008, Vandenberg served as its Vice President of Sales and Marketing where he was a source of guidance and inspiration. Prior to Lingotek, Rob headed up several successful ventures. He was co-founder and CEO of, which was acquired by HarrisConnect in 2005. He was named Vice President of Sales and Marketing for HarrisConnect after the acquisition. Before his work with and HarrisConnect, he was one of the first 20 U.S. employees at INTERSHOP Communications, where he helped build its worldwide clientele as a top-performing Sales Executive. The INTERSHOP initial public offering was one of the most successful enterprise IPOs in US history boasting a $10B market cap.

Rob holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Economics from UC Berkeley.

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