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Useful Tips for Creating a Great Customer Digital Experience

December 5, 2017 No Comments

Featured article by Mladen Pupovac, Independent Technology Author

Customer experience can be loosely defined as the overall quality of experience that a customer goes through while interacting with products from a business. Basically, a great customer digital experience is essential for loyal customers and more sales.

However, most business owners tend to be clueless when it comes to designing the perfect customer experience strategy.

Create loyal customers through consistency

A customer’s perception of any brand is made up of multiple touch points that can be tied together or independent. When a customer needs to make a decision on changing their current brands, it’s the previous experience with the products that inform such decisions.

Inconsistent customer digital experience makes the customer have highly disjointed impression which can be quite confusing to customers. Besides the obvious frustration to customers, inconsistent customer experience will eat away customer loyalty in the long-run.

To achieve the consistency in customer digital experience, you need to make consistent efforts aimed to get the desired outcome. However, most organizations don’t give consistency a priority in their plans. In addition, they lack a dedicated system and instead use several applications that can accomplish the tasks at hand.

Using opinion gathering tools

The importance of gathering the opinions of your customers can’t be overlooked. Measuring the product and service perception among your customers gives you the opportunity to identify additional ways of making positive changes.

While it’s possible for some customers to open up about your services and products, it’s not a good idea to passively wait for your customers to report inconsistencies. In a physical business setup, customers are more likely to offer information.

However, that changes when it comes to digital businesses since you are dealing with customers who don’t have time for unsolicited feedback. But you can get the required feedback by regularly asking your customers to give their input about your products and services. To do this, you can use good survey software and ask direct questions.

Digital initiatives must blend with current customer journey in your business model

While digital initiatives can be a game changer for businesses, it’s common to find companies who add digital initiatives that add little or no value to customer experience. After implementation, some may lose traction within a short time. A digital initiative that is incompatible with existing customer experience may end up making the experience confusing and complicated. To most customers, this only drives them away from the business.

For instance, it would be inappropriate for a business that is entirely offline to create a digital component that asks customers to submit opinions online.

Final words

As businesses go digital, owners are in constant search for strategies. Customer digital experience is critical to the success of any digital business considering that today customers are empowered than in the past.

A customer has all the information they require to find alternatives if the customer experience from their favorite brand deteriorates. As such, it’s best for your business if you can maintain a great customer experience. This will not only lead to increased loyalty among your customers but also you’ll generate more sales.


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