VDI or Desktop Virtualization: What’s Right for You?

May 25, 2012 No Comments

SOURCE: The Cult of SMB

Over the last month we have seen 2 major acquisitions by Citrix and VMware: Citrix with the purchase of Virtual Computer and VMware with its purchase this week of Wanova. Both companies are drawing their lines in the sand and asking you “You are either with us or against us”. Now, both acquisitions I feel are going to accelerate the black sheep of virtualization, known as Desktop Virtualization, but if you are newcomer to desktop virtualization or a SMB still trying to get an idea of what all this means to you and your business, fear not, your not alone. What really is the big difference between VDI and Desktop Virtualization. Are they not the same? Yes and no (you have to love those typical IT answers). From the end user perspective, they both serve a common goal of desktop delivery, security, and backup, but are 2 different approaches based on your business, end user, and IT administrative requirements.

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