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Vlogging Tips for Beginners

December 3, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Jan Dils, Independent Technology Author

What should you know to start on a travel or lifestyle video blog? How do popular YouTubers make travel videos the best that they can be? Is it about the camera they have? Or the content they create? What tricks should you know to enhance your channel too?

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been making videos already for years, it is never too late to learn. First of all, you have to pick the right camera. If you want something professional, but easy enough for a beginner, pay attention to one of the sony flip screen camera models presented on the market today. It is a great choice for those who want a professional equipment with understandable but advanced settings.

couple 300x200 Vlogging Tips for Beginners


And now let’s talk about how to use a camera properly to create the most beautiful content ever. If you are a travel vlogger, you know how important the picture is.

How to Vlog: 5 Easy Steps

To vlog better, you need to get the insider information from other vloggers who already have a stable platform with an impressive number of followers. Get inspired by other vloggers if you like what they create. Get inspired by the music they use in their videos, by different angles of nature they show while traveling, by video effects they use, or by recommendations on how to create a better picture on the screen.

camera 300x225 Vlogging Tips for Beginners


Here are five basic recommendations to start from:

1. Understand the equipment. You can’t create wonderful shots if you don’t understand your equipment. Learn your camera before using it. Know how it works. Analyze all the settings it has and the weather conditions or lighting they are recommended to be used with. It will drastically impact the image you get. Don’t learn your camera during the filming process. Do it in advance to be able to switch from one mode to another fast.

2. Change angles. It doesn’t matter what camera you’re filming with. If you challenge the angles and try to present the picture from different sides, it looks better. Tell a different story with every shot. Don’t just stand still and shoot. Add motion.

3. Use additional equipment. We’re not talking about anything expensive or huge like softboxes. Get a camera strap first to be able to create great stable shots without blurring, keeping the camera as extended as possible.

4. Put some work into using color grading. The colors are extremely important for a video. Learn the art of color grading. This will help you to make a wow picture instantly.

5. Create all video in one format. This doesn’t mean making every next video similar to the previous one but finding your own vlogging style. It can be one similar introduction to all the videos or the same filter, or music style, etc. Find a signature format for all of them.

If you want to create great YouTube content and make it your job, learn how to film better. It is not that hard.

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