Webcast: Royal Bank of Canada Strengthens Customer Loyalty Through Exceptional Web Experiences

June 1, 2011 No Comments

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James McGuire
Vice-President of Digital Strategy & Experience
Royal Bank of Canada

Pam Chandor
IBM Global Sales Director
Social Business & Web Experience Software

You can create exceptional web experiences for your customers that deliver better business outcomes and drive revenue growth while generating strong customer loyalty.

This webcast will share vision, tips and examples on how Royal Bank of Canada partnered with IBM to create a “next-generation”, differentiated web experience. James McGuire, Vice-President of Digital Strategy & Experience (DSX) at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), will share how RBC created a seamless, high-quality, on-brand experience in both public and private sites, resulting in increased client loyalty, cross sell opportunities, revenue growth and cost reduction.

Join us to learn how you can deliver the next-generation, exceptional customer web experiences anywhere, anytime for improved customer loyalty, cost savings and competitive advantage.

Available On-DEMAND

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